The Ultimate Beauty Guide //

I am so excited to announce the launch of my E-Book, The Ultimate Beauty Guide. A comprehensive guide to modern day makeup, how to choose your products and the tools to go with them. Available February 1st, 2018! The countdown is ON! 

Have you ever walked into Sephora or Ulta and walked straight back out empty handed because you simply don't know what to buy? Or you head to the department store and the lady at the beauty counter matched your skin "perfect" in store and then you go outside only to find you have an orange face? Well, you are not alone. It's time to abandon overwhelm once and for all and walk confidently into stores to create your perfect makeup bag.

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The Importance of Protecting Your Family's Future with Bestow

Most of my readers know that I was a single mom for a few years. Parenting is hard in itself, but being a single mom, just sort of steps the stress levels up a notch. One area of concern for so many single parents is providing for your family. It is always a challenge to find a balance between how to provide and making sure you are also physically present for your kids. I remember when I was parenting solo, I used to lay awake at night, terrified about my children's future... if something happened to me - what would they do? 

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Energy Ball Recipe for the Whole Family

We are "on the go" a lot. We did have a nice slow season before we had Olivia, but since her birth we have started school, started soccer for 2 kids, I started a new job...(announcement coming soon), and everything else started up...moms group, small group etc. 

I LOVE this season of life. It is so full. But one thing I started to notice, is we were having to eat more "convenient" meals as we are limited on time. Sometimes I can meal prep, which helps us a ton! But sometimes, I just don't want to or nothing sounds good.

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How I Feed My Family Healthy Foods (and stay sane)

One thing that is super important to me is feeding my kids healthy, fresh and nutritious options daily. I think that in order for our bodies to fight off all the germs that kids naturally just share and spread around, we have to make sure we are feeding our kiddos (and us) WHOLE foods consistently. This doesn't mean we don't eat sweets, carbs or treats. We definitely get our fill of yummy goodies. But I've always encouraged my kids, that in order to remove the guilt from treats, you need to fill the core of your diet with whole foods. So how do I stay on top of good nutrition for all 6 of us in our household?

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How To Pick Your Baby Carrier

I am a baby-wearer to the MAX. I studied cross cultural parenting in college which gave me a whole new outlook on baby wearing. Not only is it convenient but it has AMAZING benefits. Personally, I practice Attachment Parentingand something called "The Second Nine Months" , and it has honestly been incredible with all 4 babies. I have 4 very secure babies, who sleep great and are very confident. Confident enough to play on their own without hanging all over me. Which is why I can survive with 4 kids! 

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Do we belong in Phoenix?

Is anyone else ready for cooler weather and hot coffee? I find myself wondering if Phoenix is the place I want to raise my family. I crave changes in the weather, greener surroundings and some more mother nature. As a Phoenix Native who has traveled all around, I feel like there are so many beautiful places my family could be.  How do you know you are raising your family in the right place? I feel like I was thrown into adulthood but I still don't know how to adult. I feel this stirring in my spirit to move...but where to? 

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Creating a Love for Reading

I am a total book worm. I could spend hours reading book after book. Thankfully, my kids (most of them) have taken after me in that aspect. My oldest LOVES books so much. She usually reads chapter books in a day or two. But when she was younger, it was easier for me to get reading time in with her. She was interested AND I had more time to give just her. But ask the family grows, its harder to find time to spend with each child reading individually. Yes, the husband and I conquer and divide, but sometimes we want to all be together too. 

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Breastfeeding 101 With Amey Clark

Alright, mamas. Breastfeeding is HARD! Thankfully, I have had great breastfeeding experiences with 3 out of 4 of my babies. But the first time around with my oldest, I was misadvised which lead to pain, stress, lots of tears and eventually formula. And I feel like there is so much misinformation out there regarding nursing. So I brought in the best Lactation Consultant I know to answer some of those questions new andexperienced mamas have regarding nursing! Amey Clark with Az Breastfed Babies is a literal Breastfeeing genius and so educated on every aspect of nursing! (and much, much more!) She has graciously answered some of the FAQ's of breastfeeding and given us her Top 5 Breastfeeding Tips!

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