My name is Jaime and I am an Arizona Native, living in Dallas, Texas with my beautiful husband and 4 gorgeous children.

I have been a hair and make up artist for 14+ years specializing in weddings, events and high profile clients. After taking some time off from clients and being home with the babies I realized that there is a huge gap in the beauty market.

The beauty & blogging Industry is flooded with information. Most of the time, pushing products that aren't affordable or routines that aren't feasible for moms. We are with kiddos all day! If we aren't stay at home moms, we are working moms who still have kiddos but also have to get their butts to work!

We don't have hours upon hours to obsess over our image and apply 72 different products. We need to be equipped with the knowledge to find products that work and find out how to quickly apply them so that we can implement feasible routines to make it second nature. 

I created The Beauty Guide Basics, The Ultimate Beauty Guide and The Complete Guide to Beauty to help moms navigate the beauty world, learn what products actually work and teach mamas how to apply them.

What makes my recommendations different than other "beauty bloggers"? I am not just recommending make up that works for myself only. All of the products in my courses are products that I used/use in my career as an artist. Which means that these products work on all ages and all skin types. They aren't trendy products, or ones that will be out of style in a few months. The recommendations are ones that you can keep in your make up kit for years to come with classic colors to get you through your day. Whether your days look like changing diapers at home or you are in meetings outside of the home. I want you to be able to confidently make selections in your make up kit that will empower you to elevate your self confidence to where it belongs. And that should be pretty high, mama.