Make Up Monday | My Beach Bag Fav's


So, I had planned on putting together a blog post before I went on vacation to Cali this past week. I was going to list a few make up products to wear on a sunny day at the beach...but I had a very difficult time selecting my favorites, especially since I didn't have a nice, brown tan yet! SO I brought a BIG make up bag of a bunch of my favorites and decided to narrow it down from there! Also, stopping at "the best make up store ever", Naimies, didn't help the selection/narrowing down process. (See Instagram photo here!)

But this is what I came up with!  Below shows all the make up I wore during my vacation! And I loved every minute of it. It felt fresh, clean, and simple with a gorgeous natural glow! The best part, is after the beach, I wiped my face clean with my Neutrogena wipes and then redid this in the car before we went to dinner. It rocked. 

Here are a few photos of the trip and Follow my Instagram to see more!