40+ Weeks and Let's Talk About Options!

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We are officially past our due date and totally ok with it! Other than a little back soreness, I feel really good. Which has been a big blessing this time around. We have some family in town who thought they would be holding a little baby by now, but instead were just hanging out and waiting for baby! I think most people are super anxious at this point, but we are feeling super relaxed and I think that part of it is our outlook and the other part is our providers and our birth team that we have chosen. 

We are so thankful this time around to have such incredible Midwives and Doctors at Premier Care 4 Women. They have been so supportive and really listened to our wants, needs and desires this whole pregnancy. Secondly, we did Private Hypnobirthing sessions with Jules the Doula and she has helped us ease any concerns and fears, trust my body and just fully relax. We loved her so much, we asked her to be a part of the birth as well! And finally, Kelly, our doula has been so great so far. We love the fact that she is knowledgable, we can ask her any questions, she is encouraging and we love that we know we can call her anytime. 

We feel so taken care of this time around which, if you read our birth story from Mia, is a huge change from how we were before. But one thing I feel super strong about, is sharing some choices most women don't know they have. My biggest piece of advice is you should not feel pressured by any doctor to make a decision for your body and your baby. They should be supportive and have the ultimate goal to keep you healthy and safe. And every decision should be an informed one with a conversation. Here are a few choices we made during this pregnancy which has helped us avoid any sort of anxiousness or stress. 

  1. No Cervical checks - Did you know that Cervical Checks are optional as long as you are low risk? We do not have any health issues or concerns. So we avoided any cervical checks. This helped us focus less on a number and more on enjoying the pregnancy and trusting that my body would work itself out. 
  2. Due MONTH - Rather then focusing on an actual due date, we just avoided the conversation all together. No doctor can predict when your baby will come. But approximating is the best they can do. So going past your due date isn't really that bad. And thats what we thought this whole time. As long as the baby was safe and healthy, and I was doing good, the date did not matter. So we avoided the apps that counts down the weeks or tells you what size the baby is. And we just enjoyed each day/week as it came knowing that the due date could be any day. Holding on to a specific date gives you false hope and a sense of control, that we just don't have.
  3. Staying Positive - For some reason, birth conversations usually end up negative. People over share, or share how miserable their birth was. We chose to adjust our verbiage. So instead of pain we choose to speak about sensations. Instead of entertaining the negative conversations or old wives tales, we just say - "I trust my body", or "The baby will come when its ready". This has helped SO much this time around.

Thanks for all your messages and kind words! This little internet community is so sweet and we cannot wait for this sweet baby and to find out if its a sweet boy or a sweet girl!