All things new...

Hi Friends! I took January off to prepare for the rest of the year, get some content ready and to take care of a few family commitments. It was awesome, but I am definitely ready to get back to sharing. Need a little update on this month? We are now homeschooling one of our kids, I am 21 weeks along in the pregnancy and things have been amazing this time around. I feel great, no nausea and lots of energy! We have been busy preparing for baby, decluttering the house and just trying to simplify some systems in the house. I read The Magnolia Story (in 2 days) and it was incredible. In January I officially became the co-owner of the West Valley Moms Blog which has kept me busy but in a great way! So some really awesome things going on, but I am really looking forward to launching my ecourse the next few weeks! 

We are jumping into this month full force with a ton of content to prepare for the ecourse. We will be chatting all about time management, managing your commitments, understanding your season, and so much more. I can't wait! 

If time management is something you struggle with or just don't understand at all, please comment or shoot me an email with a specific question that I can answer for you! 

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