First Week Home

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We are home and have had our sweet girl with us for a full week (+2 days). This week has flown by. To start, we feel more balanced than ever. Its funny, my husband looked at me today and said, I feel like we are so much more balanced with 4 kids. And I totally agree with him. Mia totally threw us off when we had her. Everyone said that baby #3 is a hard adjustment, and I never believed them. But it totally was. It could have been circumstantial with a rough pregnancy and a very hard delivery and I never felt quite right after her. But with this one, all feels right in our home. 

She is a great baby, so calm and happy to sleep and nurse. She has been sleeping large chunks at night and nursing is going great. My body is just starting to feel a little better. My hips were so sore for a while, and I still need to venture out of the house to get an adjustment at the Chiropractor. But a week postpartum, tummy has gone down and milk is in!

We have been in full hibernation mode which my husband and I love but the kids are totally starting to hate it. But its been nice to just chill out and not get ready too much. I am working on a few posts from some messages I have gotten, including my labor + delivery story, a post a bout nursing, and a few nursing friendly outfit posts. But any other quetions, shoot me an email or message on social media and hopefully I can answer them!