Mom Style & Breastfeeding

Dress //  The Tickled Pink Boutique  | Jacket // Forever 21 

Dress // The Tickled Pink Boutique | Jacket // Forever 21 

Alright, let me just be honest for a minute. My daughter was born in October..thats 8 months ago. I am exclusively breastfeeding her, as I did my others. And guess what...I GAIN weight when I nurse. I don't lose weight, nor do I get all skinny. I gain weight in order to sustain my milk supply. I eat WAY more than I normally do. And it is honestly SO difficult to deal with. Postpartum already throws far too many hormones at have no control over your body and you have an infant attached to you non stop. (I practice attachment parenting & "the second nine months", so when I say attached, I literally mean attached. The babe goes everywhere with me for at least the first 9 months, if not longer. More info on that here.)

Gaining 20 pounds on a smaller frame, is a lot. It feels like crap and doesn't look as cute either. I literally feel guilty every single time I eat. Why, you say? Maybe its because I am eating twice what I normally do. And maybe its because I have hormones raging around my body like a freakin monster. And maybe I am choosing not to work out like a meat head...for good reason. 1. I like to sit on the toilet and not cry because it was leg day. 2. I like to hold my kids without fear of dropping them because it was arm day. and finally reason 3. I don't get uninterrupted sleep right now...So I am tired. But its a season. (I say that a lot, I guess. But life is full of seasons and they are always changing).  And I know its temporary. I fully put my infant (and other children) before myself, because she is helpless and fully dependent on me. And because I know that one day, very soon, she will no longer need me to nurse, and she will no longer be interested in sleeping on my chest or letting me spoon her in bed. So I am chubby, I feel like crap half of the time, I struggle with super depressing thoughts but ultimately I have to press into God, remember its a short season, and get some loose fitting clothes to hide my chubby ass. 

Heres the deal. We just birthed another human. We created life. We spent 10 months growing this thing...its going to take longer than a few weeks to get our bodies back..or in my case - maybe a year lol. BUT, I am so thankful for the ladies at The Tickled Pink Boutique for making mom shopping so easy and fitting me with clothes that I totally feel comfortable in. 

So Cheers to online shopping. Put those kids to bed, or hide in the bathroom and buy something you feel good in. Its the small wins in motherhood. 

PS they have this dress coming in new colors!! Black right now! Use code "Jbravo" for 15% off at check out!