Sigma Brushes....A Definite Must Have

Everyone knows I am obsessed with Sigma Beauty's brushes. The Sigma F80 was a SERIOUS game changer for me. Traditional foundation brushes just didn't do the trick. The application was either too heavy or too light. After doing some research, I stumbled upon Sigma and ordered a few brushes. When my F80 came in, I about died after I put my foundation on. It was flawless and the brush was SO soft! Fast forward...and Sigma does it again! They came out with their new "3DHD" Kabuki and Precision brushes. See below... 

These are created with an angle to get in all the hard to reach areas of the face. The Precision brush is PERFECT for applying concealer. I also use it to apply MAC's Full Coverage foundation to highlight and contour and then go in with the 3DHD Kabuki brush to blend.  I love these new brushes, BUT I prefer the Original F80. Why? Because its quick and easy and thats what I am about. But on a professional level, I use all 3. I start by applying foundation with the Sigma F80 all over the face, I then apply the dark and light colors of Full coverage foundation with the Precision brush and then I blend with the 3DHD Kabuki. BOOM, flawless face! 

To purchase the Sigma 3DHD here. 

To purchase the Original Sigma F80 here.