Favorite Foundations

I have been wearing these two foundations lately. They are the only two in my personal make up kit right now and I love both for different reasons. One is from the grocery store and the other is a more expensive brand. For my every day wear, I love the coverage of the Loreal Foundation. It is a good, clean and fresh coverage. Not too heavy but not too light of a coverage either. I love when my skin shows through slightly and the foundation leaves a dewy/fresh finish. It lasts fairly good through out the day with minimal touch ups. The Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation has always been a favorite of mine. It is a heavy coverage that lasts FOREVER with no touch ups. Its great for all day if you aren't planning on being able to touch up or for special events. 

Both are very different but both are must haves for my personal kit! 

Estee Lauder Double Wear   // Loreal Infallable

Foundation Must Haves


Foundations are a dime a dozen....although they cost a lot more. But I have been loving these 3 recently! 

The three foundations listed here from left to right:

#1. MAC's Full Coverage Foundation - This one is tricky because you can only get this one in the MAC pro stores. I am not sure you can order this with out a pro card, but it is incredible. It is definitely a full coverage but I like to use this foundation for heavier applications and to contour and highlight with. LOVE it! 

#2. Make Up Forever's HD Foundation - This is a great medium coverage that is buildable. I am obsessed. This foundation is good for all skin types. Make Up Forever also has a foundation called Matte Velvet (for oily skin). That is another favorite but more of a specialty foundation that I don't keep in my kit. This Foundation applied with the Sigma F80 brush creates the most flawless application!! (This foundation is also my girl, Kim K's favorites)

#3. MAC Studio Sculpt - This is a medium to heavy coverage. I wear this foundation daily. I LOVE the dewy finish it leaves and it stays on ALL day. 

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Make Up Monday | My Favorite Brush, Foundation and Primer

Make Up Monday's have been a little non existent the past few weeks, due to some exciting things happening around here. But don't fret, I have some great posts in the making. Today, I am just going to highlight a couple products that I get asked out about the most frequently! 


#1. What is my favorite foundation brush? No surprise here...the Sigma F80. Purchase your brush here.

#2. What is my favorite foundation? I absolutely LOVE the Make Up Forever HD Foundation. Purchase your foundation here.

#3. What is my favorite primer? I dont really like primers to be honest, but I use Stila's stay all day Beauty Balm as a primer and it holds my product on all day and gives my make up a silky smooth application. Purchase your BB here! 

And here is one product I have been dying to try. The Perricone MD - No Foundation Foundation. My order comes in this week! Woohoo! Cant wait to let you know my thoughts on it!