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Hello, Travel Plans

This week was pretty slow in terms of office work, so I was able to get caught up on some travel plans for the next few months! I am super excited for next month - I will be traveling out to Texas for a 2 day shoot. I haven't been there yet, so one new place for me! In addition to Texas, we will be all over the next few months including Cali, Vancouver and we are just starting to sort out our plans for our Trip to London and IBIZA next year! So many beautiful places! 

As far as phoenix goes, sometimes I get the feeling like we belong somewhere else. Somewhere we can go on beautiful walks, see trees and have actual weather. I am craving a place where leaves fall and we can bundle up in sweaters. But for now, its September and hot as ever. And as usual pretty casual. If you wear anything but jeans and flip flops in Phoenix, people think your some kind of celebrity...or a hooker. Still waiting for fashion to show up in Phx.

So, heres to Casual Friday.... 

Shirt | Tickled Pink Boutique // Jeans | Nordstrom 

Clutch | Gift from the UK // Watch |

Images | Fiore Photography 

A little casual denim dress to start the weekend off...

Happy Friday! I am so excited its the weekend! We are off to an event this weekend in Pine Top and I am so excited and blessed to have a job that allows me to bring my family along with! If you haven't yet, make sure to shop The Tickled Pink Boutique! This denim dress is from them, and I am obsessed! And you can't beat free shipping! 

Dress | The Tickled Pink Boutique // Belt | Target // Shoes & Clutch | DSW

Images | Fiore Photography 

Monday Blues....

Hello, Monday...

Shirt | The Tickled Pink Boutique // Shorts & Clutch | Francesca's

 Bracelet | H&M // Shoes | DSW

Fiore Photography

If you have been following along with my blog the past few months,  you are probably expecting a "Make Up Monday" post today. Welp, sorry to disappoint you. I have come to the point in blogging where posting certain content on certain days just is not working for me. It is a stress rather than an enjoyable process. And if you know me, you would know I hate stress.  I also hate putting content up here that isn't of quality just to fit it in a particular category.  So I will continue to post about 3 times a week. Some content will be make up related, wedding related, boudoir related or my latest fashion finds. I might even throw some personal things in here too. Because summertime is so hot, there is a lack of consistent events. So, I have been able to post mostly about fun fashion stuff and of course, WarPaintGoods. But as always, if you would like to see particular content or make up and hair related posts - please comment, email, Facebook me, Instagram or find me on Twitter.