If you look good, you feel good

Does getting dressed in the morning really make a difference? This is a tough topic for moms. Especially, Stay at Home Moms. Generally, we are at home most of the day, so we wear yoga pants or cough, cough...jammies all day. But, I soon realized that the days I got dressed and did my hair and make up, I was more productive. Not only that, but I was happier, I felt better and I felt more put together. And still to this day, we have some pretty crappy days when I stay in jammies till 2pm. 

So I started researching the correlation between my days and if I got dressed or not. And it turns out, that getting dressed is a pretty important part of your day. No only does clothing affect how other people perceive us, but it affects how we feel about ourselves as well. If you were to walk into a job interview in a freshly pressed pant suit, heels and a pretty blouse - #1 how would they perceive you and #2 how would you feel?? If I was wearing that, I would walk in like I owned the place! But imagine walking into a job interview in sweatpants and no make up. Um, #gross. I would be embarrassed, have no self confidence and probably not get the job. They would look at me like I was crazy! 

Just because we aren't walking into a job interview every day, doesn't mean we shouldn't take pride in ourselves. Just because we are cooking for toddlers or folding laundry doesn't mean that sweat pants are where its at every single day. (some days, its totally ok!).

Check out the post below from another moms perspective who also happens to be an incredible stylist in Texas! Myaann is a personal brander and image consultant based in Dallas, TX! We got to know each other through a project we both worked on, Prep Cosmetics and I think we connected right away! Love this girl! 

One of the phrases I use on repeat (and I mean broken record status) is “if you look good you feel good.” It’s true on the daily. As a mompreneur of a 14 month old, I know the struggle all too well. I get up at 4:30/5am everyday to work until the baby wakes up. It’s difficult yes, but to build a better future for my son, I’d do anything! 

Being sleep deprived is the norm for most moms. The goal is to bathe and put on deodorant everyday, am I right?! But what if you took it a step further. Ok, maybe 5 steps further…what if you got dressed everyday in clothes that fit and did a little something with your hair and makeup?

Let’s be real: it’s SO easy to throw on leggings and a sweatshirt. I do not deny that. But how do you feel in your worn out leggings and sweatshirt/tee shirt you wore yesterday with a questionable green smudge on the sleeve? Not really sexy, I’d say. Not confident, and not productive. What if you upgraded that look to a leather-ish legging with a tunic tee and a long cardigan sweater? Or a step further – to skinny jeans, a cute tank top and a leather jacket or a blazer?! You’d feel much better, right? Right. You’d look good, therefore you’d feel good. You’d be more confident and productive that day. Who doesn’t want that?! 

Let’s not skip on the fit of your clothing, either. For example, finding the right fit of a jean can be daunting. With all the cuts, styles, and brands you will find your perfect pair! Don’t think you need to spend $350 on them, either. Go to the big box stores and try on several pair. Find a style and size that fits you perfectly and find them on an online consignment store like ThredUp or Poshmark. Having clothes that fit is paramount to how you will look and ultimately how you feel. 

A couple of tips when trying on tops: 

  • Check the armholes if you think it feels big
  • The old cross the arms in front of you to check the fit of the back isn’t realistic. Re-create movements you would naturally make
  • Check the hem length and think about your lowest fitting pant!

Having a closet full of clothes that fit your body not only make it easy for you to get dressed (who wants to mess with a fussy outfit all day?!) but you will feel better about yourself. You will exude confidence, and I promise you your productivity will go up. Remember those days when you’d get dolled up to go out and dance the night away? Well, you can have that feeling and really get things accomplished. When your confidence is high, you have a much higher probability of staying motivated, focused, and on task. Think of what you’d achieve in the worn out leggings and the sweatshirt with questionable stain vs the skinny jeans, cool tank, and leather jacket…a helluva lot more, I’d imagine! 

I will challenge you to go through your current wardrobe. Pick out those items that don’t fit quite right and make the decision to either sell them online or get them altered. It will make your life easier when getting dressed and you will look and feel your best!

Myaann is a personal brander and image consultant based in Dallas, TX with clients on both coasts. She specializes in helping people find their personal brand, creating curated closets, and personal shopping. She is also the founder of MYN Style Box, the only custom subscription box service. Her passion is the art of dressing and her calling is to serve others, helping them be the best versions of themselves. //


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Favorite Foundations

I have been wearing these two foundations lately. They are the only two in my personal make up kit right now and I love both for different reasons. One is from the grocery store and the other is a more expensive brand. For my every day wear, I love the coverage of the Loreal Foundation. It is a good, clean and fresh coverage. Not too heavy but not too light of a coverage either. I love when my skin shows through slightly and the foundation leaves a dewy/fresh finish. It lasts fairly good through out the day with minimal touch ups. The Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation has always been a favorite of mine. It is a heavy coverage that lasts FOREVER with no touch ups. Its great for all day if you aren't planning on being able to touch up or for special events. 

Both are very different but both are must haves for my personal kit! 

Estee Lauder Double Wear   // Loreal Infallable

Lipstick Depotting 101

Today is National Lipstick Day so I thought it would be The perfect opportunity to share how I keep my make up kit organized and how I manage all 900,000 Colors of lipstick that I currently keep in my kit. OK maybe not 900,000 but I definitely have a lot.  


When I first started out as a make up artist I thought that I needed every single color of everything. Foundation, lipstick, blush etc. but after doing make up for sometime I realize that being a minimalist cuts down my application time, keeps me organized and is a hell of a lot lighter to carry when I'm traveling to all ends of the earth to glam some ladies up. 


So instead of searching through a massive bag of lipsticks to try to read the bottom of the lipstick to see what color I am pulling out I decided to put all of my lipsticks in one or two cases. Simplify if you will.  


I purchased this case that has 24 compartments and I literally took a small cake spatula that you would use to decorate a cake and cut the lipsticks into thirds and smash them into each compartment. (I did not have a photographer to take a step-by-step picture for this process so these will have to do) 


I made a note on my iPhone in order with which color I placed in each compartment so that when I need to replenish a specific color I have it on my phone with me at the store.  

It it has made life so much easier when it comes to the organizational part of working and trying to find the colors I need quickly!

Find the cases here //






Foundation Must Haves


Foundations are a dime a dozen....although they cost a lot more. But I have been loving these 3 recently! 

The three foundations listed here from left to right:

#1. MAC's Full Coverage Foundation - This one is tricky because you can only get this one in the MAC pro stores. I am not sure you can order this with out a pro card, but it is incredible. It is definitely a full coverage but I like to use this foundation for heavier applications and to contour and highlight with. LOVE it! 

#2. Make Up Forever's HD Foundation - This is a great medium coverage that is buildable. I am obsessed. This foundation is good for all skin types. Make Up Forever also has a foundation called Matte Velvet (for oily skin). That is another favorite but more of a specialty foundation that I don't keep in my kit. This Foundation applied with the Sigma F80 brush creates the most flawless application!! (This foundation is also my girl, Kim K's favorites)

#3. MAC Studio Sculpt - This is a medium to heavy coverage. I wear this foundation daily. I LOVE the dewy finish it leaves and it stays on ALL day. 

Shop Sigma Brushes here!! 


A little color goes a long way...

Because I am a lover of nude lips, the whole hot pink and oxblood lip trend didn't settle in with me. I tried the pink a few times...and hated it. But after a while, I can say I am obsessed. Especially with this pink lip crayon from NARS. These two colors were purchased in NYC and I cannot get enough of them!!  Perfect fall oxblood color and the pink I will wear that any season of the year! 

<< -----Snapshop in the SoHo NARS wearing Jardin De Plantes 

And guess what? The husband actually loves my crazy lip colors...and the best part? They don't rub off on his lips! I'll definitely have to shoot some hyperlapse videos with my new lip colors! Comment with your favorite lipsticks!! X 

NARS  Lipstick - Betty

NARS Lip Crayon - Jardin De Plantes

A little Bronzer "How To"

Here in Phoenix, thankfully, it is sunny almost all year long BUT now its getting warmer and boy am I super excited to bring out all my billion bronzers!!!  I have a slight obsession with cheek products. Anxiety kicks in when she says....lets pick your top 5. (I have issues). It was pretty difficult ...but I managed to do so.  Check out our little "Bronzer Lesson" below! 

Bronzer can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. Making sure you pick the right tone for your face is important but the placement is even more important. You don't want to look like you just motor boated a pile of dirt...not sexy.

Why do you use bronzer? The intent is to carve out the cheeks a bit to add more depth and then to add a glowy, warm color to your skin. Then, the next question arises... Do you pick a matte or a shimmery bronzer? My answer? BOTH! Give yourself some options. But most of the time I use a few.  Below are our favorites! Check them out. 

Top Left | Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Limited Edition Summer Bronzing Wardrobe. Purchase it here

Top Right | NYX Matte Bronzer. Purchase it here

Bottom Left | MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in "Global Glow". Purchase it here

Bottom Right | BareMinerals in Warmth. Purchase it here