A little boho bride inspiration...

One trend that am completely enjoying is brides are reaching towards a boho, more relaxed look and feel for their wedding. And babies breath is back. There was a time where every bride asked her florist to NOT put babies breath in her centerpieces or bouquets for fear of looking too "80's". Now, its the first thing brides are reaching for. Brides are using it for their bridesmaids bouquets and my favorite - in their hair. And don't worry, if you till aren't on the babies breath bandwagon, there are so many more headpiece options! Check out some examples below from my Boho Bride Board on Pinterest. 

This next image is snagged from StyleMePretty blog...and the entire wedding is amazing. But I love the braid - so if you want to add some serious detail to any style, throw a braid in there! Check out the full post here

Make Up Monday | Wedding Inspiration for The Sultry Bride

The next few weeks, I'll be grabbing some of my favorite images via Pinterest for some wedding inspiration.

Today, its a sexy, sultry eye with a nude lip. This is one of my favorite looks....EVER. As much as I say I am sick of the smokey eye, I am not. (Not for weddings at least!) You just cant beat this look. Sexy, captivating, clean but absolutely stunning. Most brides sit in my chair say "I want a really natural look for make up. I don't normally wear make up so I want people to recognize me" Which is great, gorgeous and completely understandable. BUT, you don't wear a wedding dress every day for those brave brides - WOW your guests and be a stunner in those wedding photos you will look at forever.  

Disclaimer: I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. To start, it is a great tool for INSPIRATION . And when I mean inspiration, I mean the complete opposite of obsession and unrealistic expectations. So while we get super excited at the gorgeous images, remember - They are probably photoshopped and these models spend thousands of dollars on skincare and facials. Remember to embrace your flaws and find what looks good on you! We are perfectly imperfect.