Understanding Your Season

My husband and I were talking the other day about saving money and paying off debt. And I said now is not really the time to focus on that. Of course he laughed, thinking I was joking. But I totally wasn't. Queue in Dave Ramsey here, but he says that when you are in this "season" of life, there are expenses that you just can't get around. Babies are expensive. So get through the pregnancy, delivery and first year of the baby's life, and then refocus your energy on saving or paying off debt. And its so true. There are constant and sometimes super unexpected expenses. So your money has to go to that. But the same is true for your time. When you are in the season of pregnancy or newborn life it's important just to understand that your house is not going to be clean all the time and you're probably missing out on a lot of important sleep. So this season is not the time to focus on waking up early to have some quiet time by yourself or launching a business. This is a season of rest and it should be. 

Understanding your season is extremely important not only in money + time management aspects but also with life in general. I think it's very difficult to accept where you're at right now in life and not constantly compare yourself to those around you. But when you constantly compare yourself with people around you what you're actually doing is holding yourself back from achieving peace, contentment and achieving your goals and dreams . And social media is the biggest enabler of this. 

I love this generation of women because as I look around I see moms who are shop owners, bloggers, models, designers and photographers. I see women who are achieving their dreams while caring and providing for their families. And I am so blessed to be a part of that crew.

I've found that one of the biggest issues that moms have is comparison. They're constantly comparing themselves to what the next mom is doing, what that shop is doing, what the other moms are wearing, how their dressing their kids and feeding their kids. And it's killing spirits and stealing the joy of really enjoying where we are at individually in our lives. Life would be SO boring if we were all the same. 

But the take away here is... #1 Comprehend what your season is and accept it. Use it to your advantage and enjoy the rest or enjoy the ability to wake up early and be productive! And #2 is enjoy your current season, because seasons don't stay. Just like Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall, they change. One day we will be really sad that we don't get to rock a baby to sleep at night. And then we will be really sad that we don't have a naked toddler running around. And then we will be so sad that we don't have to answer a million questions a day.....(I might not be so sad about that one)....and the list goes on and on. Motherhood is always changing, my friends.