Hey Mama’s!

We are VERY close to finishing our long awaited launch of Master Your Motherhood!

We have been working on this behind the scenes since last year and we are finally going to wrap it up and launch March 8th!

Master Your Motherhood will be entirely focused on strengthening our skills as mothers, as women and creating a team atmosphere at home. Our Launch will include FOUR new eBooks and 2 of our courses repackaged in a way that will serve our community of women better. It is going to be a comprehensive space to share ALL things motherhood, self improvement, support and an awesome space to grow!

We are going to start by covering four key areas of motherhood/family life that will strengthen your family and give you valuable skills that will change your life.

HOWEVER, I need your help! Before we finalize the courses and eBooks and sign off on the designs, we need to make sure we have covered everything!

This is where YOU come in! Please take a few minutes to answer this super short survey…

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Do you meet regularly with your family to discuss needs, cleaning, food prep, and a mental check in with the kid and spouse? *
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