Do you know how to color match your foundation?

Most people don’t.

why settle for a different color face than your body.


Are you a mom??

Society tell us that motherhood is complete servitude…

and leads us to believe that choosing to care for ourselves isn't important nor does it fit in our daily routines. But mamas, Beauty is not fluffy, its so much more. 

Did you know that scientific studies teach us that our outward appearance plays a huge role in our relationships, self confidence, effectiveness, productivity and overall happiness? Yep. Getting yourself in quick self care routines can actually improve not only your self confidence but how you interact with your family! But, how are you supposed to know what products to buy and how to apply them? With a million beauty bloggers and YouTubers, its hard to know what products actually work and what recommendations are genuine. Let me help you sift through the overwhelm, simplify your routines and empower you to make yourself a priority. 

Are you ready to push back those lies + refuse what society tells us to believe?


I am Jaime Mclaughlin

And I am on a mission to equip moms with with the knowledge and confidence to make self care a priority and finally have permission to feel good about themselves

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Find out what women all over are saying about Jaime + her guides

...Jaime really inspired me to stop putting myself dead last and allow myself to feel more put together, even if I was up all night with the baby. It was so freeing to have someone give me permission to take better care of myself...
— Jordan
This is an amazing guide. I feel like I finally found a non biased beauty guru who is giving me real, solid information...
— Leah
Getting The Ultimate Beauty Guide has been life changing as I get ready for work faster, less makeup and I look well put together! Thank you for the love you shared by doing this guide!
— Alejandra
Feeling good about myself has so obviously trickled down into who I am as a mom, wife, friend business owner...its unreal! ...Your message has been a wake up call that taking time to look good not only makes me a better person, but is sending a really important message to my girls that I value myself...I can’t thank you enough for that.
— Kailey

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