I’m Jaime, and am passionate about self care, moms and beauty.

With the right tools, women can be pretty confident and pretty powerful. So often, women live in a constant place of guilt and absolute survival mode. I want to change that.

Motherhood is beautiful, but you don’t have to sacrifice yourself at the altar of motherhood. You can still be a great mom and feel good about yourself too. In fact, you might even show up as a better mom if you spend some time making sure your cup is filled up too!


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Free Self Care Guide for Moms

Society tells us that motherhood is complete servitude and leads us to believe that choosing to care for ourselves isn't important nor does it fit in our daily routines. But that is simply not the truth. Find out practical ways to care for yourself again.

Master Your Hair + Makeup Routine

If you are ready to jump right into a course that will teach you how to navigate the beauty world, get yourself ready efficiently but still beautifully - then dive right in.

Unfrump Yourself!

Watch our LIVE masterclass replay!

A FREE Beauty + Self Care Web Class for Moms that will help you stop feeling tired + frumpy and get your confidence back (without the mom guilt)! 

Learn how to color match your own foundation, perfectly.


Do you test foundation on the back of your hand, your wrist or your face? Find out how to find the right shade no matter what store you are in.


Our online based video courses provide a safe, comfortable, and convenient option to learn or re-learn how to care for yourself in this season of motherhood, busyness, post babies or just a place to start fresh with unbiased, quality content.

Does getting yourself ready really matter?


Scientific studies show us that our outward appearance plays a huge role in our relationships, self confidence, effectiveness, productivity and overall happiness? Yep. Getting yourself in quick self care routines can actually improve not only your self confidence but how you interact with your family! But, how are you supposed to know what products to buy and how to apply them? With a million beauty bloggers and YouTubers, its hard to know what products actually work and what recommendations are genuine. Let me help you sift through the overwhelm, simplify your routines and empower you to make yourself a priority. 



Putting yourself last is not a good strategy for you or your family. There is a reason the flight attendants tell you to put on your mask first. If we are barely surviving, how can we expect our family to thrive?

From new beauty finds, to minimalism to how to just make mom life easier…


We want our blog to be a place of real life experiences, how to bring motherhood back down to reality, teaching tools and tricks to navigate motherhood easier and just flat out rants sometimes. This is our tribe. This is our place to encourage, uplift, educate and be a little community of our own.



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