Meet Jaime 

I am an Arizona Native, living in North Phoenix with my beautiful husband and 4 gorgeous children. I am a lover of all things beauty and all things baby. I am a secret book worm, a breastfeeding advocate, and a lover of Jesus. I am an absolute introvert…but if you get the chance to know me well, I am an absolute nutcase. I am socially awkward, so if you meet me and it feels awkward…Im sorry. I am slightly OCD and love organization to the fullest extent. My planner is almost as important as my bible. 

I have been a hair and make up artist for 12+ years specializing in weddings and events and I made the switch to blogging full time. I realized that 80+ percent of my time was answering the same questions over and over again and that I needed to utilize the platform that I have with my blog to its fullest potential. The Beauty & Blogging Industry is flooded with information. Most of the time, pushing products that aren't affordable or routines that aren't feasible. But through my blog, I hope to inspire beauty, encourage easy routines, give tips and tricks that anyone can use and share all the things I love. And share a little more lifestyle too! 

Throughout my career in the beauty industry, I faced many challenges when it came to family/work balance. But with those challenges, healthy habits came as well. I developed time management skills and created physical tools and systems to keep the household functioning properly. It is my absolute honor to be able to guide other working moms & stay at home moms in this time management system.