Better Me. Better Mom.

A 30 day self care challenge for moms 


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Go from worn out and frumpy mama to confident + joyful in 30 days!

A Self Care Challenge for moms who feel exhausted, worn down and have lost themselves in motherhood. Spend the next 30 days challenging your views on motherhood, learning about who YOU are as a person, finding out how to fit self care in during this selfless season and get easy, simple actionable steps to finding your way to a sustained motherhood by caring for yourself so you can get back to caring for your family.

Enrollment closes April 29th!

What is Included:

  • Daily email prompts: guiding you through a daily challenge (M-F + a weekend challenge)

  • Daily Content: on Teachable platform

  • Facebook Community Group: with daily challenge prompts + conversation starters so we can share our wins and our challenges

  • Mentor Moms: to help encourage you, guide you and walk you through any questions you may have

  • An app: for mobile access (iphone only)

  • Private videos to guide you through some of the challenge days

  • Private coaching: from me LIVE in the group

  • GUEST SPEAKERS: teaching on Mindset, Fitness + Nutrition and Style + Wardrobe!

Weekly Topics:

  • What Is Self Care: Learn all about proper self care, what it can do for you, and how to create time for self care consistently.

  • Self Discovery + Mindset Work: Find out who you are, what fills you up, what depletes you and how that affects the rest of your life.

  • Fitness, Nutrition + Your Body: Learn how to realistically move your body without guilt and how to feed it properly without stress or overwhelm. Learn the details of how your pelvic floor, core and menstruation affect your mood, your energy levels and your ability to achieve your fitness goals.

  • Hair + Makeup: Gain the tools to know how to get yourself ready with an easy, weekly hair routine, and a simple everyday makeup routine.

  • Wardrobe + Style: Learn how to get yourself ready through your wardrobe. We will walk through closet clean outs, organization, staple pieces to have in your everyday mix, how to mix n match and leaning into your season with your style.

    Learn how to sustainably make these choices throughout the entire year, removing the guilt, and figure out how to care for yourself as well as you do your family!

There have been some MASSIVE transformations from hundreds of moms in our previous Self Care Challenges and you really don’t want to miss the opportunity to learn how to transform your mind, move your body regularly, get yourself regularly, learn easy and quick style tips and do it all with ZERO MOM GUILT!

Need some convincing? Check out some of the comments and conversations that we are having in our current group!

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Read through some reviews from our last Self Care Challenge in January!

I can't say enough good things about the Self Care Challenge. Jaime's voice is always like a gracious yet feisty kick-in-the-butt and I mean that in the best way! As a wife and SAHM mom of two little ones, I struggle so much with guilt & overwhelm when it comes to self care. This challenge helped me change my mindset around caring for myself and gave me so many simple, practical ideas for living it out. This has been such a life-changing challenge for me! Thank you!

This challenge was not only full of thoughtful content and great advice but also full of juicy conversation in the Facebook group. Jaime is full of knowledge and experience and she generously shared that in this space. I’m full of inspiration and an action plan for my own self-care as a homeschooling mom of 5. Thank you, Jaime!

This challenge changed me. I feel like a person that matters now. I love that we started with what’s going on inside our minds and hearts then moved to working on the outside while still continuing to think about how the outside changes were impacting our thoughts and emotions. This was critical for me because I was able to get in touch with my personal intrinsic motivations for self-care.