The "Expectancy Theory" states that whatever you focus on expands. So if you are focusing on guilt, negative thoughts about yourself and lies that have been spoken over you, that is what will expand. More negativity, more lies and more guilt.

But the same goes for the opposite. The more truth you focus on, the more positivity, and the more life giving thoughts - the more you will have.

Affirmations are a great way to combat negative self talk and refocus your thoughts and energy on positive thoughts that will propel you into a healthy mental space.

Abigail Brenner says, "What you perceive is what you believe...your personal perception of reality is determined by the beliefs you hold. This does not necessarily make them real, except for the fact that you believe they are. Your beliefs create and dictate how you respond - in other words, they dictate your feelings. And your feelings largely determine how you behave."

Your purchase includes:

  • the PDF version so you can print out 4x6 sized cards (at any local print center or even at home)

  • JPEG ZIP file to download them to your computer

  • Individual JPEG downloads so you can keep them on your phone or any device.

There are 51 affirmation cards included with different affirmations on each card all pertaining to yourself as a women, person and a mother.


 By consistently speaking truths + affirmations over yourself you will, over time reshape your beliefs which will change how you behave and the decisions you make.