10 Habits of Successful Women

As I went through and prepared the content for my ECourse, Time Management for the Modern Mom, I really had to sit and think about all of the steps I have taken to get to where I am at today. How did I transition from an irresponsible teenager to a mom of 4 who owns her own business? (And when did that happen btw?). Sometimes, its really difficult for me to break down the "how" of things. Organization comes very natural to me. Its how I function. It's from being in the trenches of motherhood that helped me create healthy habits in order to survive. And it really has made me think about when we go through hard times, as humans, what comes out of it? You have heard many people talk about how their tough times made them better. And that really is true for me. But its because I have been humbled enough to accept correction from wise council. I've seen what its like to live life on my own, thinking I know everything. And it wasn't until; #1 I sought out Jesus (More like he found me) and #2 I sought out wise council - that I really started improving areas of my life.

So here we go, I have compiled 10 habits that have helped me on the road to "success". These by no means are the only ways that have helped me on this path, but they are very important ones. 


A Successful woman does these things....

#1. She makes time for herself // This one is non negotiable. A successful woman takes time to think on her own, without interruption. To reflect on her dreams and her goals. She takes time to fill herself up so that she can pour into her family or her job or whatever other commitments she has. A successful woman takes time for herself by doing something that reminds her that she is her own human and deserves some time to herself. 

#2. She sets goals for herself with plans to achieve them // Think of life like a journey. If you don't have a destination you are aimlessly roaming around. And if you don't have a roadmap to your destination, you will either get lost a million times or never get to your destination. Taking the time out to think about your goals is really important. These goals can be simple ones like committing to working out or maybe just waking up 15 minutes earlier in the mornings. But the bottom line is, make a goal + a realistic plan to achieve that goal. 

 #3. She has grace on herself // when you make a plan and it doesn't work, don't beat yourself up. A successful woman will try a different approach, ask for help or advice and accept correction from mentors. I don't know one successful person who didn't have failures. Allow your failures to rebuild you and strengthen you. 

#4. She is aware of others but she doesn't compare herself to others // this one is kind of important. Being aware of others is important. If you are a stay at home mom and you have a friend who has a clean house and well behaved kids - ask her to help you get to that point too. But don't compare yourself and feel less than. Because you aren't. You just haven't experienced the same lessons she has. Utilize others around you to push you in a forward direction. Not backwards. 

#5. She manages her time wisely // managing time wisely isn't always about to do lists. It's about what you are saying yes and no to. And why you are agreeing to things you shouldn't be. We all have 24 hours in a day. That's 1,440 minutes each day. Each minute matters and is either pushing you towards your goals, pushing you back or keeping you stagnant. If you complain that your house is a mess but just spent 2 hours scrolling Instagram....your time management skills aren't up to par and you need to adjust your priorities. Especially if you have any desire to succeed in whatever portion of life you choose.  

#6. She creates and allows changes in her life // Change is important.  Personally, I know that I need improvement in my life in some areas. And I am constantly seeking ways to change those faults. I am seeking wise counsel, I am reading, I am asking questions. I am constant seeking change and I am allowing areas in my life for that to take place. Change is good, my friend. Accept it with joy. 

#7. She is orderly and diligent // Orderly does not mean your house is spotless all the time. But it does mean that you are aware of your areas, and you keep things tidy. Why? The less energy you have to spend on "finding your wallet" means you can spend more energy on your goals and finding success in life. You can use your "minutes" wisely. 

#8. She smiles // This is one of my biggest challenges, honestly. I am wired negatively. I get stressed easy and it takes me a very long time to process situations (that are out of my control) before I have found a resolution or come to terms with it. BUT I have improved and a lot of that had to come with learning how to release control. Hey, ho. I'm getting there. But Smile. Its important. 

#9 She accepts correction & seeks improvement // If you asked anyone who knew me 10 years ago if I accepted correction well, they would laugh in your face. But here's the deal. As you get older, you do get wiser. In the sense that you learn who to trust.  A successful woman wants to learn why she is receiving correction, what motivates them to give correction and when she sees the fruit of that change - then she is basically begging for correction.  She sees that it is good. And she craves it. 

#10 She accepts responsibility for her actions // good and bad.  A Successful Woman looks at her decisions and learns from them. She doesn't blame her life on anyone else. She accepts that she is flawed and makes mistakes. But when she achieves, she is proud, content and thankful. 


How many of these habits come natural to you? How many are a challenge?