How to get that Natural Glow?


As the spring and summer months are approaching, there is nothing more gorgeous than skin with a gorgeous glow. But what happens when you have oily skin and have to use a matte foundation? You add these Lustre Drops into your foundation! I use them daily in my Make Up Forever HD Foundation and absolutely love the combination! Although this HD foundations is not Matte, it still looks great mixed together. You can use these drops as an "add in" to your foundation or after you have applied your foundation as a highlighter/blush. 




My other favorite product right now is MAC's Cream Color Base in Hush & Improper Copper. LOVE these. The effect is similar to the Lustre Drops but this product you will apply after the foundation as a highlighter/base to a blush! 


{{J's Random Make Up Fact of the Day}}

Your eyebrows are not twins...they are sisters! They are not meant to be identical! 

Stay classy, my fellow make up lovers....