Five Minute Face | Every Day Essentials

Over the past year, I have had many people approach me and ask..."Can you please post some tutorials?" On how to curl hair, how to contour and highlight, my favorite products, favorite brushes, etc. So here is just the start of many more quick videos to come!

I know if so many women only knew how to curl their hair, or throw on a five minute face before running errands and waiting in the carpool line, how much better they would feel? How much more confidence would they have?  

Most women have busy lives, children to tend to, careers, errands to run, and then try to have some sort of social life. On the special occasions, you have me to glam you up!  Full blown make up, style, lashes...the whole shebang. But what about Mondays? What about Wednesday mornings mom's group? What about the M-F/9-5ers? Why shouldn't you feel fresh, gorgeous and confident? The power that physical appearance has on self-esteem is just one aspect of starting our day right. In this post, were not striving for perfection. We are not striving for a flawless face, perfectly shaped eyebrows and camera ready make up. But this five minute routine, with minimal product will help you get out the door with a little more confidence to take on your day! 

Check out the video below to see a quick tutorial on how to do a basic every day face! 

Products Used 

From here on out, you can look forward to many more posts, videos, tutorials and information about products. A special thank you to my friend Rachel J, who is an amazing and talented photographer. She will be an important aspect in these videos and will also be blogging about all of our beauty adventures, advice and tutorials. Check out her blog, and make sure you follow, so you wont miss anything! Make Up Monday's here we come!