Friday Favorites | Gel Mani's and Pedi's

A few years ago, I got introduced to "Gel Polish". Seems as though I was a little behind the times, but being a mom of two young kids my time was spent glamming others up - not myself. Fast forward to today, and this is something I just would rather not go with out. This is my "mommy" splurge. Fingers every two weeks and toes once a month.

Touching peoples faces is something I do daily. Not many jobs require you to touch someones face. And 90% of the time, I have photographers (See post about photogs here) snapping pictures away of me doing the make up. So, not only do I enjoy having polished nails, but I think the clients and photographers appreciate it to. Who would want pictures of someones chipped and unmanicured nails touching their faces? Something just screams dirty, sloppy and unprepared when I see chipped nails. #NotMyStyle. 

So in comes my gorgeous nail girl, Cheyenne. The experience starts with the cutest salon suite ever.... Who doesn't love chandeliers and a billion shades of every color? A girl's gotta have options.

And can I say, she is the sweetest to be around...which just helps out the situation... 

And her work is gorgeous....


And the Icing on the cake? The Dutch Bros right next to the salon...#PeachTea 

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