39+ Weeks and Waiting for Baby!

Shirt // Pink Blush | Pants // Blanqi | Image taken at The Strawberry Inn

We are 5 days from our due date. Still hanging out and not quite feeling "done" yet. But definitely getting into the uncomfortable phase. Gravity starts to take its toll by about 5 or 6pm. Partly because I have no torso so the belly just sticks straight out but partly because my activity level has not really decreased either. Having 3 other kids is busy. And I thought I would have some work/life "to-do's" complete by now, but I am finding myself still running around trying to get things finalized before baby comes. 

We had a good couple weeks doing a staycation at the Westin Kierland (Full post will be over on West Valley Moms Blog tomorrow night) and then my husband and I got to take a little Babymoon up north. I cant wait to share more details! 

But for now, we are just hangin out and trying  not to think about an actual "due date" as the baby knows best and I totally trust my body. Staying positive is so important especially at the stage of the game! 

I was asked what my playlist looked like for birth so I will link it below. We do a mix of guided hypnobirthing and some worship music. This playlist below is my ultimate favorite and instantly relaxes me. I actually LOVE the HypnoBirthing Australia:Surge of the Sea tracks. Its a little creepy how the first 20 seconds or so just puts me out. I fall asleep and relax instantly. It's awesome. 


And the Bethel Worship Playlist is linked here so you can save the playlist, YouTube Playlist here and listed below! 

  1. A little Longer - Jenn Johnson + Bethel Music

  2. It is Well LIVE at Air1 - Bethel Music

  3. You make Me Brave LIVE at Air1- Bethel Music

  4. We Step Into Freedom - Jenn Johnson + Bethel Music

  5. Come To Me - Jenn Johnson + Bethel Music

  6. We Dance - Steffany Frizzel Gretzinger + Bethel Music

  7. Wonder - Bethel Music

  8. Shepherd - Amanda Cook + Bethel Music

  9. Anchor - Leah Valenzuela + Bethel Music

  10. Joy of the Lord - Jenn Johnson + Bethel Music