4 Steps to a Stress Free Morning


Easy Morning? What is that??  When my parents read this, they are going to laugh! Jaime & mornings just don't mix! This post is coming from a person who just doesn't do mornings well. A mom who needs her kids to pull her out of bed and a complete night owl who just thrives at midnight. A girl who basically was late every morning to school and rarely could keep a job because I couldn't be on time. But once I realized that I suck at mornings....I had to come up with some little systems to help my blurry eyed, grumpy ass so that I could function like an adult. 

Your morning routine is going to look different depending on your daily responsibilities. If you are a stay at home mom, this will be your jam. I promise. Most stay at home moms lack a schedule and consistency.  And both are very important to keep yourself and the babes happy. Chaos sucks, friends. It really does. No one functions well in chaos, and no one feels good when their life is a mess. Toddlers throw more tantrums with out consistency, moms tend to be more depressed in a messy house, and lets just be real....mornings with kids are hard! It's like BANG, good morning mommy - feed me, change me, talk to me, play with me, read to me, etc etc etc. The just suck the life out of you from the get go. Its their job. And thank GOD they are cute. But here are a couple brief tips to help you have a better morning. These tips work if you stay at home, work from home or if you work outside the home. Just modify to your needs! 


1.  Pick your outfit out the night before & have it laid out and ready to go. For me personally, fashion is not my thing. I would rather sleep in or eat a fat, warm, bagel then try to find a cute outfit...especially in the morning.  Stay at Home Moms - get dressed! Even if you are scheduled to stay home ALL day. Get dressed! (More on this later!) Work from Home Moms - Get DRESSED! You will be more productive and if a meeting or coffee date pops up, you are ready to jump in the car and go! Workin mamas, this will just ease your morning routine so you can slip in your outfit quickly with out stress and move on to more important things! 

2. Prepare your Breakfast/Lunch the night before - This is KEY! Not only will this help you eat healthier, but it will also ensure that you actually get to eat! How many times do we realize its 2pm and we haven't eaten anything but a handful of fish crackers? Yea, not good mamas. We cannot care for our family properly if we don't take care of ourselves. 

3. Have your hair "prepared" the night before - I have long thick hair, so washing and blow drying in the morning is just not going to happen. I make sure to shower the night before, blow dry my hair and most of the time curl it the night before as well. That way, when I wake up, I just have to touch up the curls and I am ready to go! 

4. Map out your day the night before - Lists are my jam. And crossing things off my list just makes me a happy camper. The night before, write out a list of things you must get done, meetings you have, things you need at the store, phone calls you need to make etc. Then prioritize this list. 


By implementing these nighttime routines, you will sleep better with a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of almost excitement knowing you have already crossed things off your to do list!  

What do you do to prepare for your mornings? I would love to hear your routines!