Foundation Mistakes you are Probably Making Right Now


Some of you might be thinking - foundation? How hard can it be. But the truth is, this is one of the trickiest and most vital steps to perfecting your quick and effortless daily beauty routine.

1. You aren’t using any foundation at all

“But jaime….I’m just at home with my kids. I don’t wear foundation?”

Well, that is your #1 Mistake. Nothing else is going to stick to your face if you don’t start with foundation. Foundation evens out your skin tone and acts as the glue to the rest of your makeup. (sounds gross, but you get it). Even worse than nothing at all, is using a powder as a foundation. Not only is this a waste of product and a waste of effort - but it ages you prematurely. It makes you look years older. And who the heck wants that? 


2. Your Foundation Doesn’t Match your Skintone

First, when we are shopping for foundation - we are color matching ourselves in artificial light in a store. This has never made sense to me. The color will look differently the moment you step outside into real life. Secondly, the people color matching you are usually just an entry level position at a corporate store - not an experienced makeup artist. So you should almost never trust their judgement (sorry...but not sorry). The best way to test foundation is by walking into a store with no make up on, testing a few colors out on your jaw line, and finding the closest few. Then ask for samples and take them home. Wear them for a couple days and then you can either order your favorite one (or two shades - read the beauty guide for that profesh tip)  or go back and know confidently that you are getting the best shade for you. Also, I have an entire eBook in The Complete Guide to Beauty teaching you how to color match yourself for foundation! 


3. You are Setting your whole face with a tinted powder

You shouldn't be putting powder all over your face anyway, let alone a tinted powder. Translucent is best. Or a very sheer tinted setting powder. And the best places to set are under the eyes, around the mouth and t-zone. 


4. You are using your fingers instead of a proper brush

This one kills me. Your fingers (even when washed) have oils, bacteria and germs on them. So your chances of breakouts increase when you heavily use your hands. And you will never get a smooth, even finish if you are using your hands. Proper tools are key!


5. You are putting concealer under your foundation

If you want to actually allow concealer to work as it should, put it on under the eyes but after you have applied foundation on to your face. This is going to cover the dark circles and also highlight and make the under eye look much brighter. (For color correction + breakouts, the concealer does go under the foundation - but color correction is more advanced and more complicated than just throwing on some concealer to brighten under the eye!) 


How many of those mistakes are you making on your foundation routine?

I created a FREE Foundation guide for you that will walk you through how to perfectly color match your own foundation, YOURSELF!