8 Ways to Have a Productive Morning

Happy Monday! Are you ready to start your week or are you dreading your first day back to morning chaos? Life with kids can make you feel both sometimes...But we have learned a few ways to calm our mornings down and jump out of bed. 

I shared 4 Steps to a Stress Free Morning a few weeks ago, which helped show you how to prepare for your morning the night before. But these next tips will ensure you start your morning off right and jump into your schedule with ease and maybe even a smile on your face!  They are in no particular order, as you will want to order them to fit your wants and needs. 


1. Let there be light - Get out of bed, and open those shades! Let that gorgeous sunlight in. A dark room is a sleepy room. Especially if its cold and dark #WinterMorningsSuck. But we don't have to worry about anything being cold right now in Phx, because well...its PHOENIX. 

2. Tunes are Necessary - We are not morning people but we are music people. This is one thing that ALWAYS ensures happy kids (and parents) first thing in the morning. Have a play list queued up. Music that you enjoy. It can be a slow, calm coffee house mix to keep things calm. Or if it was up to my 8 year old it would be Meghan Trainor and Beyonce. My son? He loves the Biebs. Whatever play list you decide on, just hit play and enjoy! 

3. Make that Bed - If your bed is made first thing in the morning, you are less likely to sneak back in it and it literally takes 5 minutes, people. And your room feels cleaner. Which is always a good thing. 

4. Stay off your phone - Don't check your emails first thing in the morning and definitely do not check social media. Good God, those are 2 things that just suck me in the black hole of "I'll just lay here in bed a little bit longer". Don't do it. Don't give in. 

5. Stretch it out - Stretch that body! Take 5 minutes and stretch or do a 15 minute yoga routine. My husband and I actually utilize an app on the Apple TV for our Yoga Routines . I like that you can choose a 10 minute routine up to 90 minute routines. But keep it to a minimum, unless you are one of those freaks that wakes up early to work out. You are ahead of the game. 

6. Treat Yourself  - Do something you love. I love taking a hot shower in the morning. But let me clarify....not to wash my hair every morning. I only shower to wake me up. And hair washing only happens at night when I can blow dry it or when I don't have a deadline the next day. If its drinking a cup of coffee, do it, and enjoy it. Take your time with this thing. Mark out a decent chunk of the morning for this. Self care is important and necessary. 

7. Get Dressed - this is to everyone. Stay at home moms, work from home moms and working mothers....GET DRESSED. If you stay braless and in jammies all day, I promise you will do nothing. If getting dressed means cute yoga pants and a loose top and your nikes - do it. Get dressed. If it means jeans and a cute top and bare feet - do it. Just get dressed, friends. 

8. Do your hair and make up - Yes, I said it. Do your hair and make up. Mommas - I am talking to you. I don't mean perfected beach curls and a full face (unless thats your jam). I mean, fix your hair and spend a few minutes doing so. Then do your make up. If you are clueless about how to do your make up, here are a few posts for you. Or shoot me an email to schedule a one on one lesson! 

While these 8 tips aren't the only suggestions to help have a more productive morning, they are all tips that have helped us out. The kids really enjoy the music in the morning and it helps alleviate the morning complaining. What are some ways that help you jump into your day?