One Year Later {Happy Anniversary Sigma x Jaime}


One year ago today, my brush set with Sigma officially launched!! Can you believe it?!? Well, one year ago yesterday technically. But that’s neither here nor there. Ha!

My brush set launched and sold out within 24 hours. A brush set that I never saw coming. A “pinch me” moment. 

You see, I’ve been at this whole makeup game for a while. Like 14 years. 14 years of figuring things out, learning, making mistakes, beautifying clients, crying tears of stress, being frustrated, teaching myself how to create a website, how to market myself, figuring out what to charge per client. All while being a single mom, a stressed out mom, a happy mom, a depressed mom, learning how to date as a single mom, learning how to be married, having two more babies, multiple moves in between. 

And one thing that I am not good at is celebrating my victories. So much so that I didn’t even know it was the anniversary of my brush launch! One of my closes girlfriends had to message me to remind me! I tend to accomplish and then move onto the next thing. I’m not sure why. And I know I’m alone on that. Whether it is my natural survival instincts or the hustle in me. But either way, I move on quickly from successes and failures. 

But today I want to celebrate. Today, I want to encourage you to keep at it. Whatever it is. Slow and steady wins the race friends. 

There were times I had zero dollars in my bank account. A lot of times actually. There were times I hosted an in person makeup masterclass only to have 3 people show up (rather than the 75 seats I available). There have been SO. MANY. NO’s along the way. 

Did you know that I had to drop out of beauty school two times before I finally and barely finished years later?!? 

I could have chosen to stop, quit, get discouraged and just be done. But something inside me wouldn’t let me and still won’t let me quit. 

One success also doesn’t mean you won’t deal with more failures along the way. When sigma sent me my partnership contract, I was sitting in a rooftop pool in Florence, Italy drinking prosecco. No joke.


What a dream? A few weeks later I was changing diapers and dealing with a 2 year olds fits and drama while trying to figure out how to feed my picky family and run a business from home, in a tiny apartment in a new state with zero family support. 

Most people think it has to be either or. Either you are a mom or an entrepreneur. Either you are a SAHM or you have dreams of your own. Friends - you can have both. 

Your timeline might look different. It might take you longer to accomplish your goals than someone who isn’t a mama. But it doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish it at all. 

I have been able to be a mom and live my dream career. Through highs and lows. It’s been hard. And I still have so much learning and growth ahead of me. 

I don’t know what Sigma saw in me. I am not a beauty blogger who wears 10 layers of makeup. I post about my kids and periods and sometimes beauty. Even though I have a makeup course - it is not the mainstream, overdone and over complicated beauty content that is in this internet world. And I like to think that’s why they picked me. Because I serve a market who doesn’t want that content. Who wants real, down to earth content that serves every day women. Who are in the day to day hustle just like I am. 

Either way. I am thankful for you. I am thankful for Sigma giving this mom of four an opportunity to have a dream brush set with a company that I BOUGHT from for 10 years. My relationship with Sigma is authentic, not paid for and not sponsored and for that I am thankful. And having a brush set with them is just the icing on the cake. 

Also, Someone help me find a frame to fit my sigma brush set box in. Because I need to learn how to celebrate this accomplishment regularly. 

Love you guys. 

PS - there are a few left in stock from the most recent restock! If you don’t have them yet, grab them! Not only does it support me, but it tells Sigma that this beauty content is valid and important and moms are an important market too!

Plus, the brush set is AMAZING.

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