A day of rest...


I recently started blocking out Sunday's from my calendar. No work, No clients & No Emails. This might sounds like such a simple thing, which most people do already. But for me, as a small business owner, I work every single day. Or at least I used to. I was always in survival mode, multi tasking and doing 500 things at once. I thought that I could run a small business, cook a healthy (organic, fresh, free range, grass fed blah blah blah) meal 3 times a day, take my kids to and from school, support my husband, pay my bills, maintain friendships, serve, go to church, blog, eat, sleep and take care of myself. Guess what, to NO ONES surprise, I couldn't do it all. Especially after baby no. 3. For some reason, this third pregnancy, delivery and postpartum just kicked my butt. I jumped back into work and travel weeks after I delivered giving myself no rest and no time to recuperate. So day by day,  I am slowly making changes. I want to THRIVE, not just survive. I want there to be a joy in my house, not a rushed atmosphere. So enter in our Sunday Family day. This works perfect, because our church gets together for service on Saturday Nights. So our Sunday's are totally free. We do family brunch, we eat stacks of pancakes, we drink cup after cup of coffee, we giggle, we laugh, we do farmers markets, we do parks and pretty much whatever else we want. In the evening, we prepare for the week, lay out our clothes, and enjoy a nice family meal together. Our newest tradition is to read a small scripture together and talk about how we can show Gods Love in our week. How we can model our faith to others. 

Today, I was filled completely up. After a VERY rough, busy and challenging week, I was happy to put my emails on hold. I was happy to say NO to work and YES to my beautiful children & husband. And anyone who can't appreciate my priorities should simply unfollow me and move along. (Believe me, there are those out there right now that are struggling to accept the fact that I have a family & don't work 24/7). 

So as we all enter in to our next week, I pray that you carve out some time. Some down time, some family time, some reading time or whatever fills you up. I pray that you realize that time goes too fast, babies grow to quickly and these moments we wont get back. Work will always be there. But little giggling, smiling faces and teeny fingers and toes wont always be here. Our children will grow up and move on. And then, we will have too much time on our hands. 

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