All about lash extensions

Lash Extension Q & A 

1. How are the extensions applied to your real lashes? Erica applies each individual lash to your natural lashes with a special kind of glue. 

2. How long do they usually last? I get a fill every 2-3 weeks. I LOVE going every two weeks to keep them nice and full. 

3. Can you still wear mascara? Yes. As long as its not waterproof or oil based. 

4. Is it harder to clean off your eye make up with the lashes on? Its not harder - just a more gentle process. I normally use Neutrogena wipes to take off all my make up and I definitely cant just swipe my eye make up off with the wipe. It gets caught on the lashes. So I work around the eye gently and then use a gentle soap and water for the lashes. Then I brush them with a clean mascara wand to separate them and keep them straight. Its sounds like high maintenance, but honestly its not. 

I have loved every second of having these lashes. My past few brides have gotten them and it makes my job easier and it also gives you a chance to get used to lashes before your special day. Its totally worth the small splurge! Go see my girl! 

Erica Bryan | Skin & Lash Studio


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