An Intentional Way to Ring in 2019 | Plus a Free Workbook!

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I LOVE the week between Christmas and New Years. While everyone is wandering around in their messes of too many toys, too much clutter, not knowing where anything is, exhausted from holidays and wondering how Christmas came and left so fast - I am busy mentally preparing for my new year. Which by the way has helped me NOT be in a funk before and after christmas.

Our yearly rhythm of setting our intentions as a family has quickly become my favorite part of the whole year. I get so excited and sincerely love it so much. I’ve talked about it a few times for the past few years on social media but this year I decided to let you in on our rhythm and give you a FREE downloadable version to do with your own family!

I hope you enjoy the process and I hope that it helps you move forward into 2019 in an intentionally and powerful way!!