Best Books of 2015

As we close out the 2015 year, I wanted to share some books that had a HUGE impact on my life. In addition to make up and all things beauty, I am also a nerd at heart. I LOVE books and I LOVE reading. I compiled a list of my favorite books I read in 2015...Check them out below.... 

#1 Jesus > Religion by Jefferson Bethke // This book will probably always be one of my favorites. I've posted about this before, but if you have seen his video and enjoyed that, you need to read his book. Christianity is misunderstood a lot of the time from non christians, to new christians to even long time christians. This is a great read for everyone. 

#2 Radical by David Platt // "Taking your faith back from the American Dream" - This book is a serious GAME CHANGER. It completely breaks down what the modern christian looks like and wakes us up to the fact that we are completely manipulating Gods word to fit our "cultural preferences". It explains that the house, the cars and the white picket fence are NOT a part of Gods word or how he commands us to live. Such a great book and so convicting! 

#3 The Best Yes by Lisa Teurkurst // "Making Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands" - I am actually in the process of hosting and leading this bible study and it has been absolutely amazing. I am a total YES man, and I typically say yes to everything. But this breaks down why we are saying yes and no and teaches us how to prioritize our yes's. It has helped me with time management, it has helped me be present in the current task I am involved with, it has helped me be more present in parenting and it has seriously brought so much Peace in to my life. There is no room for Chaos in my life! 

#4 Fervent by Priscilla Shirer // I haven't actually completed this book YET, but I put it on my list because just the first 3 chapters kicked my butt!! And I am hoping to finish in the next few days! BUT, it is real strategies of Prayer which we all so desperately need! 

#5 Its Not What You Think by Jefferson Bethke // Jefferson does such an incredible job breaking down any ridiculous expectations people have of the gospel. This book is different than his first book, Jesus > Religion, BUT it is similar because it is breaking down our views of christianity and really explaining the true Gospel. And he does it in such a way that everyone can understand it. He isn't some scholar, and some 80 year old bible freak...he is young and deals with the same things our generation deals with. And I think thats why it resonates with so many people our age! Love him! 

#6 Raising Burning Hearts by Patricia Bootsma // This one was really great in lots of ways, but also a bit different than the other reads. She touches a lot on parenting, BUT, my favorite is about speaking LIFE over your family and prophetic word. I am a HUGE believer in speaking life to and over people. What you say matters. It matters to children, it matters to your spouse, it matters to adults. To everyone. I want every word out of my mouth to speak life and to build someone else up. Always. If its criticism I pray that it is so full of Grace that they accept it with love and a healthy conviction from God. This book was a great read for me. I am always down to read a parent book....this mom life is hard! 

#7 Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist // This was soooooo good! It was such a nice break from the harder books this year. I felt like I was sitting and drinking wine with a friend after reading this book. It reignited my love for food and cooking and I love how she explains the importance of sitting around a table. So many things happen around the table. You eat, you talk, you pray, you listen, you are calm, quite, loud and silly. But its a place of communion, a place of friendship and a safe place for your family to be together. I want my children to see the importance of family meals not only to be together, but to be in Communion with the Lord. AND it has SO many good recipes in it! The Chicken Enchiladas are BOMB! 

#8 Savor by Shauna Niequist // This is a super simple and great daily devotional. Quick reads and helps you start your day off in the Spirit rather than the flesh! 

This concludes my favorites from 2015....I started a few more, but they didin't really catch my attention quite like these did. I hope you read them, enjoy them and are blessed as much as I was. The next post will be my picks to read for 2016....yes, I already have them :) I told you I was a complete Nerd...and SO proud of it! 

Cheers to 2016 my friends, I am so excited and looking for GREAT things this coming year! 

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