Books for 2016

I shared my favorite books from 2015 a few days ago, but one goal I have for this year is to read at LEAST one book a month. I have this list going so far, and I am finding that I am adding too many and might end up reading 2 a month [insert big eyed emoji]. I am feeling like I am finally getting past the season of exhaustion with a newborn and finding I have more energy and I am ready to jump back into my routine and monthly goals. 



I haven't decided the order of books per month, (yes I'm that OCD). But let's pause there..... I believe that when you make a goal, you also have to attach a plan to that goal. 




My system will be simple - put a sticky note on each book and label Jan, Feb, March... Etc. It gives me a deadline and a plan.  

So here is my list so far... If you have suggestions - please share! Comment below!  

"You and Me Forever" - Francis Chan & Lisa Chan  

"Fierce Woman" - Kimberly Wagoner  

"Before Amen" - Max Lucado  

"Alter Ego" - Craig Groeschel

"Searching for Sunday" - Rachel Held Evans  

"the Explicit Gospel" - Matt Chandler  

"The Power of Gods Names" - Evans  

"The Fringe Hours" - Turner  

"The Mother & Child Project" -  Kay Warren

"Have a Happy Family by Friday" - Leman  

"Simply Tuesday"  - Emily P. Freeman 

"The Mingling of Souls" - Matt Chandler 

"Loving our Kids on Purpose"  - Danny Silk

"For the Love" - Jen Hatmaker  


I'll try to post my thoughts on each book each month! Hope you all had a great new year!!  

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