My Brush Collection with Sigma Beauty!!


My Brush Collection with Sigma Beauty is LIVE. We launched the first set on September 27th and they sold out in just over 24 hours. Now, Sigma has RESTOCKED for a limited time and they are available until they sell out!

I was honored that they reached out to me to create this collection and even more so because I knew that it would serve all of you in such a simple and easy way.

In The Complete Guide to Beauty (and the Ultimate Beauty Guide) I made sure to include a section just for brushes and tools. Long gone are the days where we use the sponges and applicators that come with some (cheap) makeup products. But where do you go next? How do you know which ones to invest in and which ones to pass on?

Finding the brand is hard enough…then you have to actually pick what brushes you need! And if you aren’t an expert - it’s a challenge.

So when Sigma and I connected, I knew that I wanted to continue the pattern of minimal and simple. My collection had to be the exact 6 brushes that I recommend in the guide. They asked me to say something about my collection and here is what I said…

Life is complicated, beauty doesn’t have to be. These are the essentials. A perfect and minimal brush collection for your every day glam.
— Jaime McLaughlin

Check out the brushes I chose for my collection + why I chose them!

What’s Included?

  • F80 Flat Kabuki - This brush is the BEST for foundation. Applies perfectly, evenly and is SO soft!

  • F10 Powder/Blush - Use this brush for blush + bronzer

  • F35 Tapered Highlighter - This is perfect for setting powder under the eyes + adding a little glow on top of the cheek bones with highlighter

  • E40 Tapered Blending - A fluffier eyeshadow brush to apply an all over color and blend out any harsh lines

  • E25 Blending - This brush is perfect for adding in a darker color in the crease of your eyelid in a more concentrated way without much dropout, but it also blends amazing so you have no harsh lines

  • E65 Small Angle - Use this bad boy for eyeliner and for filling in your eyebrows!

How much will They be?

Sigma has so generously discounted this collection - By purchasing the set as a collection, you get 20% off the full retail value! The entire collection will be $98 and the best part is they have a 2 year warrantee on all of their brushes! PLUS, if you don’t have one of my guide, once you purchase your brushes, shoot me an email and I will enroll you in The Beauty Guide Basics.

My collection has limited quantities and we are expecting them to sell out again!

While there is no specific “timeframe” on how long the brushes will last you, I know that I have had my brushes for YEARS. If taken care of properly, they will last you a very, very long time. You can find all Brush Care information on Sigma’s website.

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I want you mamas to know that I spent almost 10 years buying these brushes with my hard earned money. I didn’t start out getting these gifted to be because I am a makeup artist or because I have a social influence. I bought and paid for these bad boys for years and years. I love these brushes more than any others on the market and I am beyond honored that they chose to partner with me in this way! I hope that you LOVE them just as much as I do and you support me in this dream of mine!

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