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Freshly Picked Diaper Bag Comparison + Review!

It is no surprise that Freshly Picked Bags are heaven. Their moccs are the best, so I knew when I needed to find a good bag, I could probably trust them with that too. All my babies all wear freshly picked moccs and how that they came out with the slip ons, they wear those too. (Olivia is wearing the platinum ones in the pictures below). I own 4 bags and literally use all 4 of them. Check them out below!

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The Solution to Messy Bunk Bed Bedding in a Room with 4 Kiddos

I am a true minimalist at heart. Even with 4 kids. I don’t like toys everywhere. I don’t deal with chaos very well and I like to walk into a space and feel peace rather than stress. Which is sometimes a challenge with a big family.

How is this possible with 4 kids sharing ONE room? (If you don’t know our story, check out my post on why we chose to live with less) They are bound to have toys, clothes + books roaming all around the room right? Nope.

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A Broken Arm + A Wreck of a Mommy

Goodness friends. The past coupled days have been a challenge, to say the least.

Our sweet boy fell on Sunday night. He was in his room playing, fell off of a chair and broke his arm. While I literally cannot get into specific details because I am still a mess about it, all I know is that it was bad. It is nothing I ever want to experience again or have my babies experience.

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Why We Live in an Apartment

A few years ago, my husband and I bought our first house. We were so ecstatic. We watched way too much Chip and Jo and thought we had it all worked out. And while we were so thankful for the opportunity to own our own home and fix it up exactly how we wanted it - we soon realized that it was a money and time pit. And it wasn't what either of us wanted, at least not right now. Not in the season of raising babies, soccer games, work meetings, first steps, first words, family vacations and more. 

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Energy Ball Recipe for the Whole Family

We are "on the go" a lot. We did have a nice slow season before we had Olivia, but since her birth we have started school, started soccer for 2 kids, I started a new job...(announcement coming soon), and everything else started up...moms group, small group etc. 

I LOVE this season of life. It is so full. But one thing I started to notice, is we were having to eat more "convenient" meals as we are limited on time. Sometimes I can meal prep, which helps us a ton! But sometimes, I just don't want to or nothing sounds good.

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Creating a Love for Reading

I am a total book worm. I could spend hours reading book after book. Thankfully, my kids (most of them) have taken after me in that aspect. My oldest LOVES books so much. She usually reads chapter books in a day or two. But when she was younger, it was easier for me to get reading time in with her. She was interested AND I had more time to give just her. But ask the family grows, its harder to find time to spend with each child reading individually. Yes, the husband and I conquer and divide, but sometimes we want to all be together too. 

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