Currently Crushing

So I think I am mentally trying to prepare for summer, because these are definitely summer picks. But Phoenix has been so nice to us lately and keeping us comfortable in the mid 70's/80's. Check out some of my current fav's below... 

Currently crushing? No, obsessing, over my Starbucks drink. I've ordered this for a while but lately, its just hitting the spot. A Venti Black Tea Lemonade with 3 pumps of Classic. Order it, and thank me later. 

MAC Modesty is the most gorgeous color, on planet earth. Get it, now. 

Flowy printed shorts...from anywhere. So heres the deal....Im pregnant. If you didn't know already. And Maternity clothes are....ugly. So enter in any printed shorts from anywhere, although Three Bird Nest has many options. I also just purchased a few from Charlotte Russe. (Random, I know) 

What are some of your summer favorites??