Energy Ball Recipe for the Whole Family

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We are "on the go" a lot. We did have a nice slow season before we had Olivia, but since her birth we have started school, started soccer for 2 kids, I started a new job...(announcement coming soon), and everything else started up...moms group, small group etc. 

I LOVE this season of life. It is so full. But one thing I started to notice, is we were having to eat more "convenient" meals as we are limited on time. Sometimes I can meal prep, which helps us a ton! But sometimes, I just don't want to or nothing sounds good.

This is one recipe that my family loves. My kids think its cookie dough, and its a yummy sweet treat we can much on when we have those sweet cravings. It's great for breastfeeding  A, my kids love these as a snack before soccer. They can grab a banana and one of these and I know they will have some energy to sustain them! Check out the recipe below! 

EnergyBalls (1).png

Just click on the image and save it to your phone! 

Directions are easy...

Just mix all ingredients, chill for about an hour and then scoop and roll into balls. 

Keep them refrigerated and enjoy!  

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