5 practical ways to boost your self confidence as a mama


#MomLife - It comes with lots of changes. Changes to our minds, our bodies and our relationships. We sleep less, we eat worse, we have to buy bigger clothes that are “breastfeeding friendly”...truth be told - it’s not the most flattering time of our lives. But it doesn’t mean that we have to lose ourselves either. We don’t have to feel crappy and look crappy all while our kids walk around looking like models.

Here are 5 practical ways to boost your self confidence as a mama….

Shut out those lies

You are a mom, but that doesn’t mean you have to succumb to yoga pants and a top knot every day. It doesn’t mean that you HAVE To come last every single day. And it doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to have your own needs and wants. Stop listening to the lies that lead you to believe that just because you “stay home” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have dreams, a freaking amazing wardrobe and time to get yourself ready each day.

Make yourself a priority

In the midst of a selfless season of life - you can still make time for yourself. Put it on the calendar, make it known to your family what your needs are too and let them support that. Feed yourself well and prepare your outfits just like you do for your kids. By making yourself a priority in your day, you are giving yourself the opportunity to fill yourself back up so that you can show up and thrive for yourself and your family.  

Spend time + money on yourself

Just because you buy an unending amount of diapers, doesn’t mean you can’t delegate some part of your budget to yourself. Remember - you are a human outside of your children...you have needs too! And you shouldn’t feel guilty for that! So set some money aside, learn to do your hair and makeup, invest in good products and jeans that actually fit. Yes, even if you are a little bit puffier from those babies. Consider it an investment. An investment in yourself.

Leave your kids sometimes

The mom guilt is real. Everyone feels it. But guess what? Our kids shouldn’t be with us 100% of the time! Let them have relationships with other people! Let them eat like crap at grandmas or watch a movie later than usual with a sitter - chances are - they will LOVE it! They won’t even miss you! Times when we leave them, can be times of growth for them. To feel independance, to be treated to snacks that aren’t in the normal routine, and to realize that you aren’t just mom. You are a person who wants to have fun too. Or that you are a person that needs a break! You will feel refreshed and energized and ready to re-enter the mom role when you get back. Alone time brings us back to a place of knowing who we are despite the circumstances (aka dirty diapers and crying babies). It’s vital!

Get yourself ready

Yep. I said it. Get yourself ready. Even if you “just stay home”. Because chances are - you don’t just stay home. You run around to appointments, grocery shop, meet with teachers, answer the door for the UPS guy - and we’ve all been there….answering the door in our jammies with no bra on. EEK. Research shows that our clothing, hair and makeup directly affect our confidence, what opportunities we choose to take or pass up, how we speak, how much we flirt with our hubbies and more. By getting ourselves ready in the mornings regardless of our schedules - we are making one small choice that will have a domino effect in the rest of our day.