Beauty Blender vs. Foundation Brush: The Foundation Tips Everyone Wants to Know

The question is always, which is better - using a foundation brush or a beauty blender? And which beauty blender brand should I use?

I find a lot of times, women do not understand the benefits behind each product. Today, I am breaking it all down for you!

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The Beauty Blender:

The beauty blender is a great tool to always have in your makeup bag - even if you don’t plan on using it within your daily routine. But for foundation, this tool will give you an even application; however a much lighter coverage than an actual brush would provide. A beauty blender tends to soak up the product a little bit, but the benefit of how well it blends makes it worth it. As described in my course, you must use a beauty blender dampened. A dry sponge will not blend or apply your foundation - instead it will  only soak up the product.

Which Beauty Blender?

The one that I typically recommend is the on brand and original Beauty Blender. BUT Amazon sells a five pack of beauty blenders and they are AMAZING and a tenth of the price of the original Beauty Blender! Grab the five pack from Amazon for $8.99 HERE.

The Foundation Brush:

A Kabuki foundation brush will give you a heavier coverage and a more direct application. It tends to take less time to apply and this is what I go for when I am low on time. For the past ten years, I have continually recommended the Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush. I love this specific foundation brush for any type of foundation, no matter the coverage. It applies perfectly every single time.

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