Freshly Picked Diaper Bag Comparison + Review!


It is no surprise that Freshly Picked Bags are heaven. Their moccs are the best, so I knew when I needed to find a good bag, I could probably trust them with that too. All my babies all wear freshly picked moccs and how that they came out with the slip ons, they wear those too. (Olivia is wearing the platinum ones in the pictures below). I own 4 bags and literally use all 4 of them. Check them out below!

The City Pack: My every day bag, now!

This is my newest obsession. I ordered this bag during Black Friday so I got it for only $60! Which was amazing. I am literally obsessed with it. It is the perfect size, its lightweight, small enough that I can carry my essentials in it and not weigh me down. I love this one especially right now because we are entering a “lighter load” season with the kids. Olivia is 18 months now so I don’t need to carry as much stuff and Mia is potty trained. I have been using this one every day since it came in and its not going anywhere! (I might even order it in a different color because I love it that much!) It is sleek, stylish and still has a changing pad, and a couple pockets inside to keep you organized. It also has an outside pocket, side pockets and one zipper pocket in the back for your phone, cards or cash.


The Everyday Tote: Mama’s work bag!

Before I got this bag, I was using my husbands old work bag. It was manly and not cute, nor was it very organized. I got this bag and all my mom work bag dreams came true lol. It keeps me super organized, it has the most perfect amount of pockets, it fits my laptop, notebooks, books, accessories, cords, headphones etc all perfectly. And one of my favorite features - It slides onto a suitcase for easy traveling! Which is a bonus for me when I travel for work! This also doubles as a diaper bag and has all the same features as their other ones - pockets, organizers, changing pad etc!


The Classic Clutch: My mama bag with no babies or just one babe.

Before I grabbed this bag, I didn’t even have a purse. I kind of let go of having a purse after baby #4…lol diaper bag for life it felt like. But I got this one and it has been GREAT! It is perfect for when I need to just throw my phone, wallet and keys in a bag and run some errands. On top of that, it is also great when I have just Olivia with me because it is the size of a diaper and wipes. SO it can actually hold a diaper and wipes + a changing pad! And it doesn’t look like a diaper bag! It is sleek and stylish and organized. #WinWin


The Classic Diaper Bag: The full blown, I have all four kids and we are going to be out all day - bag.

I actually purchased this one shortly after Olivia was born. I had purchased a different diaper bag previously but it just didn’t hold everything in it. I remember going into Buy Buy Baby and telling the lady “ I am legit going to put all my stuff in every diaper bag until I find one that holds it nicely without spilling and dumping everywhere”…so I did. I sat on the floor of Buy Buy Baby and emptied out my bag and neatly put it in each bag and walked around and used it….Freshly Picked was the winner by far. It was spacious, organized, my stuff didn’t fall out everywhere, it had different strap options and it looked stylish, not tacky. So I dove in and bought it, full price and it is worth every single penny. This is also Olivia’s school bag now that we leave with her at school 2 days a week. It carries everything she would need from 9am - 2pm in it! Lunch, snacks, extra clothes, water bottle, sippy cup, diapers, wipes, folder and school papers etc! It really is great!

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Just a note: I purchased two of these bags and Freshly Picked generously gifted me with the other two. Every opinion is my own and a totally honest one. If the bags weren’t amazing, I would have sent them back! lol!