Functioning with Four

Stroller // Austlen Baby Co. | Black Dress + Striped Maternity Dress // Pink Blush

Diaper Bag // Parasol Co. | Mia + Olivia's Outfits // Lulu & Roo | Grayson's Outfit // Old Navy 

Brooklynn's Dress // H&M | Infant Seat // Maxi Cosi

Getting out of the house is challenging to say the least. I was so worried about how I would get around with all the kids plus everything we have to carry with us. Most double strollers have no space for diaper bags or any shopping bags. So you are stuck holding bags and its just too much work to do anything.

When I found the Austlen Stroller, I knew I had to have it. The amount of options it has is incredible. From a single stroller with a market tote attached, to a double stroller with a second seat, to a sit and stand + a regular seat, the options are endless. There are so many additional attachments that can be purchased as well. The cutest seat covers, infant seat attachments and even wheels so you can push this bad boy on the beach! 

I love that this stroller can adjust to our family as the kids grow and change. Right now we use the infant car seat adapter and the sit + stand OR the second seat option. The size of the stroller is also adjustable. It can expand or get smaller which is incredible depending on where we are and how much space we are able to take up! 

I love the leather trim as well. The functionality of the stroller is incredible but the details makes this bad boy stylish too. Everywhere I go, the mamas heads are turning and they ask me what this stroller is and where they can get one of their own! If you are a mama of multiples, this is the only double stroller you will ever need. Head to Austlen Baby Co. to see all the options and where you can get your hands on one of these gorgeous strollers!