Happy Anniversary, To My Beautiful Husband | Vol. 4

When I say it out loud, it sounds silly. Only married for 4 years. Because it feels like we have been together forever. But 4 years ago, we said "I do" in a private ceremony with just us and the 2 older kids. Little did we know, a few years later we would add two more precious girls to the bunch. 

Stuart asked me last night, what the most memorable time in our marriage was, and I honestly couldn't answer with one event. We have had the most eventful marriage. As we sat last night, reminiscing on our 6 years of being together it just became so evident how much changes in so little time.

We met when I had 2 kids, I was a single mom of a 3 year old and a 6 month old baby. (How attractive, huh?). He was in school and working at Home Depot to make ends meet. He was living with a friend and I was in an apartment with just me and the babes. We met, I was resistant, but he stuck by our side. We have gone through being broke as can be, sharing one car, an adoption, many court hearings and lots of crying from this mama, and so many more trials and tribulations... to now...owning a home, 4 babies, 2 cars, lots of traveling and a marriage that grows better and better with each year. 

Marriage does not come easy to me. I am stubborn, resistant and a little emotional. Ok, a lot emotional. My husband said to me last night, "I think you have called me every name in the book, babe." And as we giggled a little bit, I realized just how much he does love us. And he shows it by working so hard, coming home only to do the dishes and care for our crazy clan, and yes - pushing through my resistance and staying by my side. 

Each year comes with a massive set of challenges, but each year we some how pull through. By the Grace of God, the kids and I were blessed with a man who loves us so unconditionally I literally cannot comprehend it. 

There is no one else I would rather make babies with and travel the world with then you. 

Cheers to 4 years, Babe. I love you.