Hello, Homeschooling


I never thought I would say these words, but I am officially a homeschooling Mama. After some careful thought and consideration we realized that not all of our children learn the same way so educating them the same way just didn't make sense. We pulled one of our littles out of school and are now venturing on homeschooling. And let me tell you, the stress has subsided substantially. Crazy, huh? The mornings are peaceful, we don't feel like we are forcing anything anymore and and it is just working. I am still navigating my way through curriculum and trying to decide whether this is just for this year or a more permanent decision. But it's been awesome and there are so many great resources out there. 

A word of encouragement? If you are a parent, remember that. YOU are the parent and you know your child. Be confident in that. Do your research, look stuff up, ask questions and don't be afraid to question "authority". Because ultimately, you and your child are the ones who have to live with whatever decisions you make whether that's educational or even medical. And if something isn't working, it doesn't mean something is wrong with your child. But it also doesn't mean something is wrong with that type of education. We are just realizing that there are so many ways to accomplish a goal, and it's ok to get there on different paths. 

God gave us our babies for a reason. Honor that by being their advocate in every situation. 

Jaime McLaughlinComment