Holiday Makeup Hacks to Save You Time!


We all know that time is limited as a Mama. Especially around the holidays.

One of the things I teach in my courses is how to do your makeup quickly and efficiently. The goal here is that you aren’t spending hours on end shuffling through products and watching lengthy tutorials on looks you will never do. I give you a detailed and short list of products that actually work and then step by step instructions on how to apply them.

But how can we step up our every day look for special occasions? It’s simple. Check out three videos below that are already in The Complete Guide to Beauty. These will show you how to quickly add a little extra to your already beautiful every day look!

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Adding a Bold Lip for the Holidays!

Add some darker shadow to your everyday look to give a slight smokey eye for a little extra glam!

Add some lashes to make your eyes pop!


Need new brushes?

The proper tools are essential. There are only approx. 30 brush sets left and then they are gone. Grab your set so you are good to go for all of the holiday events or send the link to your hubby or mama.

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