House Update // Vol 1.

Friends. Where do I even begin? Over on Instagram I've been sharing some sneak peeks of projects in the new house....if you have no idea what Im talking about, here's what has been happening the past few weeks! 


June 24th we FINALLY signed & got keys on our house! This is our first home and it was super exciting for us! We got in the house around 330 pm. By 7:30 pm we had baseboards ripped out, carpet ripped out, flooring ripped out, etc. By the next morning all the cabinets were ripped off, backsplash was ripped off & tile was being removed. Yes...we are crazy. I mean, we definitely thought we were Chip & Jo walking around on "demo day" and planning our renovations. But we could not have done this with out our contractor, which I will share once he gives me permission :) 

Before we found this house (as we were house shopping) we quickly realized how ugly homes are in Phx....and by that I mean, track homes. Because thats all that was in our budget. (hello 3 kids $$$). They are SO boxy, plain and boring. Cheaply made and dude - there is not one straight wall. SOOOO messy and crooked. So we decided to find a house with a good lay out and that we would redo flooring and then esthetics around the house to update it and make it look a little more styled. So we knew going into it that we were going to put a little bit of money into the home. ESPECIALLY flooring. With a little baby crawling around everywhere, I wanted NEW clean flooring. 

So, we found our home, signed and then destroyed it. (insert crying emojis). Its been almost a month. And we totally underestimated the project. And I am not even going to include a before picture until the after pictures are done. Because the inside of this house was just that ugly. Literally, horrendous. 

But here is our project list so far....and I will share photos and tag where we purchased everything room by room :) 

  • Hardwood flooring in entire downstairs & all bathrooms
  • New Carpet through out bedrooms and loft upstairs 
  • New 6" baseboards & door trim in entire house 
  • Oak cabinets turned into White Cabinets via paint and some freaking hard work
  • Crown Moulding along the top of Kitchen Cabinets + New Trim 
  • Beadboard/wainscotting around the base of the cabinets & on the breakfast bar + Trim
  • White subway tile backsplash
  • New paint in entire inside of house (outside needs to done next). 
  • All new toilets  
  • New toilet, vanity, sink and light fixtures in the downstairs bathroom 
  • Replacing ugly lighting with recessed lighting in kitchen and by the front door 

SO, this list is long, but getting completed and its looking SO much better! Like a different house! I might need to get a full time job to complete the rest of the tasks around the house! haha! So expensive, but so worth it. 

On a serous note.....Before I started to think of the renovations & esthetics of our home, I began with the question "What do I want my house to accomplish?". That might sound crazy to some, but this is a huge investment financially and its so difficult not to get caught up in the materialistic side of things. So before we entered into this, I really wanted us to have the end in mind. For me? I want our house to be life giving. I want our home to be comforting to those who come, a warm, inviting place full of food and laughter. I desire a place for my children to feel comfortable in and a place where we can serve & share God with those who enter in. So, bottom line, I want a life giving home. With that said....we jumped into creating that atmosphere! And it has been INTERESTING! lol Cant wait to share more photos!