House Hunting // Kitchen Edition

My husband and I are FINALLY house hunting. It seemed like this day would never come. We are thrilled, but slightly worried because the decor options are freaking endless. And I am fully aware that I am setting myself up for a decent amount of work, kitchen wise. But we spend the majority of our time in the kitchen.....We are foodies, what can I say? 

Finding a house to fit a family of 5, with the space we need but the character we want has been challenging. My daughter doesn't want to switch schools, but we just aren't in love with the area we live in now. 

So as we pray for the right house for our family, I will continue living on Pinterest and dreaming of beautiful kitchens.....and watching HGTV non stop. 

Here is my vibe for the kitchen {remodel}, friends... Lets see if we can make this smash together. Any house decorating/house hunting/house flipping professionals wanna come hang with me for a few months? Anyway, here is the look I am going for.... 

All images from Pinterest ...obviously.