How Does Botox Work?


My biggest question prior to getting injected was “How does botox work?” and “What the heck is dysport?” I knew I wanted treatments done but didn’t know how any of them worked!

Back in November, my family and I were traveling to Phoenix, Arizona to visit family for the holidays. I had wanted to schedule an appointment with Carly Stewart, RN BSN. She is an Aesthetic Nurse Injector at MD Beauty Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is well know in Scottsdale as one of the best at Botox and Dysport. So I knew I wanted her to do my injections. But for the past few years I was either pregnant or breastfeeding. Now that I am finally done being pregnant and nursing babies, I took the opportunity when we were visiting to make an appointment with her and get dysport done.

I didn’t know much about Dysport or Botox so I made an appointment with lots of questions! She was SO good about answering all of my questions and making sure I was educated on the product and that we were on the same page for treatment. She explained to me the differences between the products and helped me make a decision.

We decided that Dysport was the best route for me as it was a more gentle approach. I even did the injections LIVE on Instagram! You can see the video here. She also explains the difference between the products in this video. I was super nervous but I didn’t feel a thing! The injections did not hurt at all and after about a week I noticed a huge difference in my forehead! The before and after photos aren’t pretty or perfect at all, but they show a huge difference. The top photos are before and the bottom ones are after. This is me trying to make the same face as the photo above it! HUGE difference!


So now it’s been almost 8 weeks and I am still thrilled with the results! I love how it smoothed out my forehead and I love that I don’t make crazy movements in my forehead. It made my makeup go on so much better and not settle into the lines.

I did a follow up video to talk about my results and how they have changed over the past few months. I still love them and totally recommend Carly! You can watch the follow up video here.

Have you ever thought about getting botox or Dysport? Let me know in the comments!