How I Keep My Family Healthy

We have a few tricks up our sleeve that we use for the kiddos throughout the year. And boy, am I thankful that school is almost out! (Gross germs!) But it goes far beyond just supplements and essential oils. I think you really have to be proactive in keeping those kiddos healthy. Check out what works for us below...

  1. Consistent Sleep Routines - We are pretty consistent on our bedtimes. We make sure our kids get 10-12 hours of sleep a night. And depending on their ages, a good nap during the day. This is SO important for these babies. Generally the kids are in bed by 7pm. The oldest wakes up at 6am for school and the 2 middle kids wake up about 7am. We are pretty diligent about having a dinner as a family around 5:30/6, cleaning up, brushing teeth, jammies and reading before bed. The reading is important as it calms the brain down and makes their eyes pretty sleepy. We have a STRICT NO TV rule at night. Falling to sleep to a TV actually does not make you sleep better, its really bad for you and your brain. It actually keeps your brain active longer. So we don't even have TV's in bedrooms. By keeping this routine, the kids get adequate rest so their body can heal and grow at night! 
  2. Proper Nutrition - Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a total foodie. I love ALL food. I love treats, baking, Ice Cream - you name it. BUT, I really strive for a pretty clean diet for my family. This does not mean that we do not treat ourselves OR withhold food. We believe that if the core of our diets are meats, veggies, fruits and nuts - that its ok to have a treat every once in a while. There is no guilt associated with the treats and generally, because our bodies are used to the healthy food, we are happy to eat healthy. 
  3. Juice Plus+ Supplements - We LOVE Juice Plus+. I began taking Juice Plus shortly after I had Mia because she was super fussy for some reason. Before running to the doctor, I wanted to just make sure I was getting enough nutrition, and sure enough, after my FIRST DOSE, she was the most content baby ever!  It was crazy how quickly the supplements worked. They are literally fruits and veggies in a pill form. (Gummies for the kids). And because my husband and I get supplements, our kids get their gummies for free! So its a win/win for us! And we have not had to take any antibiotics for a few years! (Other than 1 ear infection for our little man last year!). 
  4. Young Living Essential Oils - I love love love oils. For 9 million reasons. We use them for everything. We diffuse them when we go to sleep and we all sleep like rocks. I use them for labor and delivery. We use them for physical pain - my son has the WORST growing pains and it takes the pain away instantly.  We use Thieves for getting rid of all the germs and we use the Thieves Cleaner for our house. No toxic, safe and natural! If you want a dedicated post on how we use oils, just comment or shoot me a message! 

Thankfully these little tricks have worked for us. No trips to the doctor, not antibiotics and no strep throat when we get all those letters from the school! And if they do catch a little cold, their bodies fight it so well. 

What are some tricks you use for your family?