How to Get That Natural Glow

One question I get asked ALL THE TIME is, " how do I get my face to look smooth and have a natural glow?". Everyone wants a natural glow. But how do we get it? How do we keep our face looking young and fresh? Am I an esthetician - NO, but working with faces for 10 years, I know a thing or two about the do's and don'ts of caring for your face. 

When someone asks me "how do I get my face to look smooth and have a natural glow?" - my response that follows is usually something like this:

  1. What does your diet look like? What do you eat? What do you put in your body? When I ask that, I always get weird looks. But people need to understand that everything they put in their body is going to have a reaction. And there are only two options. A good reaction or a bad one. Either your skin will look young and vibrant or greasy and have break outs. Do you plan meals and snacks ahead of time or do you run through McDonalds when your busy and hungry? Both choices are going to make a difference in your skin. Do you eat chips and greasy foods? Try swapping those snacks for healthy options like a veggie chip like these or fresh veggies instead. 
  2. Do you sleep regularly? If you don't have a normal sleeping pattern, your skin will age quicker, you will see more break outs and over all just look tired and dull. Get regular rest. It's important for your skin and all around good for your health. 
  3. How much water do you drink? If you are sucking down coffee, soda and alcohol - your skin will show it. Your skin will, again, age quicker, have deeper wrinkles sooner, break out (depending on age), and look super dull. Try swapping those drinks out for water. LOTS of water. Water with lemon is my favorite but you can put pretty much anything in your water including fruit, citrus, cucumbers, mint etc.  If you need a kick in the morning, try juicing a half of a Golden Delicious Apple and a sliver of Ginger. That will give your body the kickstart it needs in the morning and hopefully replace your coffee. 
  4. Finally, What do you do for skincare and how often do you exfoliate? Working in Arizona, I notice a frequent need for some serious exfoliation and hydration. And I mean SERIOUS. Most clients have dead skin cells literally flaking off their face. Not a pretty sight and next to impossible to smoothly apply make up to. Please, Please Please make this a priority. My FAVORITE product is from Peter Thomas Roth. I have blogged about this before, but I honestly can't push this product enough. Its the Peter Thomas Roth FirmX Peeling Gel. And no, I don't get paid or get any kickbacks from pushing this product. I truly believe in it and have scene incredible results from using this product. I would also recommend purchasing the FirmX Growth Factor Extreme Neuropeptide Serum.  Both will do wonders within DAYS of using them together. Your make up will go on smooth and you will literally glow after using these products. 

So over all, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, it will show in your skin. Invest in your health and skin now because you will totally regret not doing so when you are older with dull wrinkly skin.  

Any questions? Feel free to comment or email me!