How to Pick a Flattering Dress for Family Photos + The Holidays


Dressing is no easy feat as a mama. We’ve got so much on our plate, lots to think about, limited funds (thanks diapers, broken arms and preschool dues), and then there is the mom bod. We find ourselves post baby, with left over nursing boobs, wider hips and just some funky things to overcome.

But, as always where there is a will there is a way. I will always maintain the position that moms don’t have to look like crap. We can put a little effort in and with the right tools, we can look really good while doing this whole motherhood thing.

It is also possible to feel really comfortable too. Have you ever worn an outfit or a dress where you cant move in it, you cant bend over to pick up the kids and god forbid you actually hold them, because your dress might literally burst at the seams. Yeah, that sucks and I have no interest in that.

What I do want for myself and what I want to teach you all is that you can be comfortable + look really put together. You can get yourself ready without spending 2 hours on yourself each morning. And you can be a mom in the midst of crazy, full schedules and still look and feel good.

Here are 5 tips to finding your perfect dress:

  1. It should feel comfortable enough for you to parent in + function in. Otherwise you won’t wear it and you will be grumpy all night/day.

  2. The fabric should drape nicely over your body. Stay away from things that are too clingy and hug your body too tight.

  3. Make sure there is some sort of shape to it - You want the shape of the dress to flatter you no matter what body type you are. Don’t get a big dress that just looks like a tent on you. Have it hug one part of your body. Typically, tailoring right under the boob is the best because it hides our tummies that still might stick out post baby.

  4. Find a dress that you can re-wear to another event - The more simple it is, the more options you have to re-wear it. You can dress it up or down and change the way it looks simply off how you accessorize.

  5. It is ok to spend a little more on this piece for your wardrobe - although all of our clothing simply cant be expensive, nor do we want it to be, you can up your budget a bit for something like this. Ditch the guilt, mama!

I partnered with Pink Blush to bring you 5 different dress options that fit freaking amazing, that are SO forgiving (hello mom boobs + a tummy that still sticks out) and that are extremely comfortable. But also, 5 dresses that look really good and can be worn for many different occasions. All of these dresses are pregnancy friendly and nursing friendly. And as you know, I am not pregnant or nursing (thank God) but they fit me amazingly well in my lifelong postpartum phase. Check them out below! All dresses are linked and none of the Pink Blush links are affiliate links! Enjoy!

I paired this dress with inexpensive, strappy black heels and a long necklace and that’s it. I am a no fuss, no jewelry kind of girl so I tend to keep accessories quite simple anyway. You can easily add a winter coat for an evening event/party/dinner or a leather jacket for a more casual look. (I pair my leather jacket with everything).

Option #2 // Black Lace Mesh Overlay Maxi - $95

I typically go for pretty neural colors, but black is my always go to color. This was was really cool because it had a lot of detail so I did not have to accessorize. I wore this with my favorite nude heels (these are a staple in my closet year after year and they last a really long time). And of course, paired it with my leather jacket to show a more casual look.

I am totally going to admit that I did not this dress solely because I loved it and because I saw myself in it. I picked this one for variation and to try some color out. I gravitate towards neutrals but IF I do color, it tends to be burgundy, mustard yellow or army green. When I received it and opened it from the packaging I loved the color but was still scared about how it would look on. But once I had it on, I fell in love. And I love it even more in photos too. The small accent necklace I am wearing with it is from a small boutique in Plano, Texas called Ella Blu. It was the perfect addition and pop of even more color (who am I - talking about color?? LOL). But it was a beautiful, burgundy fringe necklace and went really well with the mustard yellow dress. Bottom line - don’t be afraid to pick a more bold color than you usually wear. You will be totally surprised at how much you love it and how flattering it truly is. This dress’s long sleeves are perfect for winter and it comes in a few different colors if you don’t want to jump right in with yellow. Again, its super flattering and comfortable!

This is the same cut + fabric of the first ivory dress, just in burgundy. I loved this one, LOVED the color and will 100% wear this for the holidays. I wore my black, strappy heels and once again, gave an option to keep it simple with just the dress or with a leather jacket as well.

This embroidered option is a good way to add some detail but not too much. This was more on the casual side, but would be perfect for family photos because of the rich purple and the embroidery on the dress. I stuck my winter coat with this and LOVED how it transformed the dress into a dressier option.

Photography by Lauren Junker Photography // Dresses provided by Pink Blush

Make sure to snag The Complete Guide to Beauty. It has tons of videos and guidance for how to do your hair and makeup daily PLUS some easy ways to step up your look for the holidays!

Here are the nude and black heels that are my heel staples for when I need to get dressed up and a couple leather jacket options for you to check out!